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const. part2 test review

What word means a formal written change? amendment
What do you call the group of official advisors to the President? Cabinet
What is another word for reject? veto
What do you call a proposed law? bill
What are the first 10 amendments to the constitution called? Bill of Rights
This means the right of all citizens to the same fair rules in all cases brought to trial. due process
This is the group of people that meet every 4 years to officially elect the president. electoral college
This means something goes against our rights & laws in the constitution. unconstitutional
True or False? A bill can be introduced in one or both houses of Congress. True
True or False? Committees in both houses discuss & vote on a bill. True
True or False? If the bill passes in the Congress it goes to the President? True
True or False? If the President refuse to sign a bill, it can never become law. False. 2/3 majority vote in Congress can override a veto.
What are the requirements to be President? age 35, natural born citizen, resident of U.S. 14 years
What do you call it when people go out & vote on election day? the popular vote
How does a candidate get the state's electoral votes? Has to win the popular vote (majority) in a state.
How many electoral votes does it take to win the Presidential election? 270
Who officially elects the President of the U.S.A? the electoral college
Created by: LindaScherrer