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Sanghai Kingdom controlling the Niger River, had battle ships
Whats the biggest reason why transportation & communication was poor in Sub Saharan? the river systems
Sonni Ali rebel leader who captured Timbuktu and built up Songhai
How did the natural environment effect the Africans? 1)Rain forest's hot, wet climate provides breeding grounds for bugs which carry deadly diseases that can kill Africans. 2)the rivers rapids protected the interior from invasion. 3)the desert's dry climate caused farming hard in some places.
Saharan biggest desert in Africa
Shona people controlled ______ in Africa Zimbabwe
Reasons for decline in Kush 1)land lost fertility. 2)lost control of trade routes. 3)invasions by Assyrians
What country is Kush and Aksum in? Ethiopia
Mohammed 1 Askia Sonhai leader who turner Timbuktu into a commercial center .
Why was control of trade routes important between Kush and Aksum? because It was the main power source being able to trade salt and gold so they could have money and have the most power.
Timbuktu a commercial center and cultural center.
linguists scientists who study languages.
Great Rift Valley in the African plateau, formed when the Earth's crust parted, runs north-south near the plateau's eastern edge.
Swahili a Bantu language with Arabic & Persian influences developed in East Africa.
Who brought Christianity to Africa King Ezana
Tunka Manin one of the most powerful Ghanaian rules who ruled in about 1067 A.D. , commanded an army of 200,000 warrior.
Mansa Musa ruler of Mali, reigned in early 1300's A.D. , supporter of education, arts, & public building, famous for his historic pilgrimage to Mecca.
Mount Kilimanjaro Africa's tallest mountain
Savana vast stretches of dry grasslands
matrilineal traced their ancestors & inherited property through their mothers
griots highly trained speakers & entertainers who memorized the oral tradition of their village.
jungle dense tangles of plants that only grow where the sunlight reaches through the tall trees to the forest floor.
rain forest wet climate, a lot of rain, has a tall canopy of trees that blocks the plants on the ground from the sun.
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