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Lang. Arts 8th Voca2

Words for the Week 2.1, 2.12, 2.13

Easily duped or cheated (adj.) Gullible
To believe the worst (n.) Cynicism
To yield superior strength or force (v.) Succumb
Relating to heresey or a religious opinion (adj.) Heretical
A person with a fake identity (n.) Hypocrite
A purpose alleged or an apperance assumed in order to cloak the real intention or state of affairs (n.) Pretext
To act in collison or straddle (v.) Prevaricate
To give or pay back, or punishment (n.) Retribution
To give a government grant of money (v.) Subsidize
To pose again, to rest to lie down (n.) Repose
Rennounce one's throne (v.) Adbicate
To free from a type of trouble; As if someone is stuck in a car the fireman will EXTRICATE them (v.) Extricate
A person sent to represent someone else (n.) Delegate
A person who publicly supports or recommends a particular or policy (n.) Advocate
To make something better than it was before (v.) Ameliorate
Very foolish (adj.) Prepostorous
Lacking in variety (adj.) Monotonous
Hating in a manner that is acceptable (adj.) Decorous
Great courage in the face of danger (adj.) Valorous
Acting or done quickly without care (adj.) Impetous
Not telling the truth (adj.) Mendacious
Bad odor (adj.) Malodourous
Fame and renown resulting from an act or achievment (n.) Kudos
A ceremonial embrace, or a mark of acknowledgement (n.) Accolades
Recieving a standing (n.) Ovation
Adolense to grow up (n.) Adulation
Praise (n.) Honorarium
Fashionable, elegant, or stylish (adj.) Posh
To make own descions, self-choice (n.) Prerogative
Wind, draft, gentle breeze (n.) Zephyr
Sickness, disease (n.) Vertigo
Exsisting before the war, or to be specific the civil war (adj.) Antebellum
Created by: 16coelho
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