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SS Midterm

What are dodems? Clans in the Anishinabe
What were the leaders of the Anishinabe, Mi'kmaq and Haudenosaunee called? Anishinabe leaders were called Ogimauh, the Mi'kmaq leaders were called Saqamaw, and the Haudenosaunee leaders are called Hoyaneh.
Which group had seasonal movement? The Mi'kmaq and the Anishinabe has seasonal movement, but the Haudenosaunee lived in year round settlements and farmed.
How did they record there history? All three groups used oral history keeping
Which groups had Grand Council? Only the Anishinabe didn't have Grand Council. They had Midewin Society.
What does Consensus mean? It means agreement by all
What does Protocol mean? It means a formal set of rules.
Who were the first Europeans to arrive in what we know as Canada? The Vikings.
Who sailed through the St. Lawrence and who sailed through the Hudson's Bay? The French sailed through the St. Lawrence and the British sailed through the Hudson Bay.
How come trade routes on land became unsafe to travel to Asia. Because the Mongol Empire was losing power under the rule of the Ottoman Empire and Ming Dynasty.
How did this create an opportunity for Europeans. Since the demand was so high with such scarce supplies, the prices were really high. If they found a route on water and had a huge supply of there own, they would make a fortune!
Who invited navigational equipment that helped European sailers? The Ancient Greeks, Arabs and Chinese Sailors.
Who used them first? The Portuguese.
What did the Europeans trade for with the Mi'kmaq They traded for furs
What did the Mi'kmaq trade for? Metal knives, axes, pots, kettles and needles
Where was Christopher Columbus, Giovanni Caboto, Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain come from? Christopher Columbus: Italy Giovanni Caboto: Italy Jacques Cartier:France Samuel de Champlain:France
Which country did they sail for? Christopher Columbus: Spain Samuel de Champlain: France Giovanni Caboto: Britain Jacques Cartier: France
Where did they land? Christopher Columbus: Caribbean Giovanni Caboto: New Found Land Jacques Cartier: St. Lawrence Samuel de Champlain: The Great Lakes
What did they find? Christopher Columbus: Aztec and Incan Empires. Gold Giovanni Caboto: Cod, Mi'kmaq and Beothuk's Jacques Cartier: False riches and the Mi'kmaq Samuel de Champlain: Immu, and Kicheisprini
What time period did they sail? Christopher: 1492-1497 Giovanni: 1497-1498 Jacques: 1534-1536 Samuel: 1603-1608
Where did they settle? No one settles any where except for Samuel de Champlain who settled in Quebec Port Royal
What diseases did the Europeans bring over? Small Pox, Measles and Tuberculosis
What is Filles de Roi? It meant daughter of the king. They were women in France without a home. The king took them and gave them a husband and home in New France. He even paid for the dowry. He wanted the population of New France to grow.
Who were habitants? They were farmers who lived on seigneuries
Who were seigneurs? People who were the land lords of seigneuries.
Who were Coureur de Bois? They were habitants who gave up on farming and started to (usually) illegally trade furs independently
Who were the people to legally did the same thing as the Coureur de Bois. The Voyageurs
What was the industry that started the early fur trade? Fishing cod off the coast of Newfoundland.
What were the main shipping centres? Quebec and Montreal
Who were the Oendats enemies that wiped them out as middle-men? The Haudenosaunee.
Who are middle-men? They buy from producers and sell to consumers.
What does it mean to portage? When the water is to dangerous to travel, you take all your supplies and canoe and travel on land until the water is safe to travel again.
When was the HBC established and who was it main competition? It was established in 1670 and its main competition was France
When was the NWC company established? 1779 and its main competition was the HBC
When did the companies merge? In 1821
What was pemmican? Pounded meat that was mixed with berries and then dried.
What where people who speak French called? Francophone.
What were people who speak english called? Anglophones
Where did the Metis live? Red River
What were they a mixture of? There moms were First Nations and there dads were either French or Scottish.
Why did the French and British fight for Acadia? Because it was ideal for strategic positioning to attack each others settlements and good for protecting them.
Why did the Mi'kmaq want to keep Acadia Because it was there home land
What was the treaty of Urecht? It was a treaty signed at the end of the the war of the spanish succession and it stated that Britain could take over most of Frances settlements in North America and could take over Acadia.
Since Acadia was now over British rule, the British made the Acadians sign an Oath of Neutrality. What did the Oath state? It stated that if a war were to occur against France, the Acadians would stay neutral.
Then the British made the Acadians sign an Oath of Allegiance. What did it state? That if a war broke out against France, the Acadians would be on Britain's side and fight for Britain
The Acadians refused and doing so, what did the British do? They deported the majority of the Acadians to either France, England or the Thirteen Colonies
What is ethnic cleansing? To get rid of a certain ethnic cultural group.
Who apologizes for the Great Deportation? Queen Elizabeth 11
What was on Cape Breton Island? Fort Louisbourg
What happened to French claims when the Treaty of Paris was signed? Most of there claims in North America were handed over to the British. All the had left was a small area on New found land to fish and there fort in the Caribbean Guadeloupe.
Created by: cinderblock
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