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Unit Test-Latin Amer

review questions

People of Maya descent still live in what two Central American Countries? Guatema and Belize
In the 1500s, most of Latin America (Central and South America) was claimed by what european country? Spain
The Central America Indians and enslaved Africans were forced to work on...? plantations and mines
What happened in Guatemala between 1960 and 1996 that the people there are still recovering from? fighting between government forces and rebels
What country now controls the Panama Canal? Panama
What Caribbean Island country has had a Communist government since 1959? Cuba
When Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain in 1492, he actually reached what islands? Caribbean Islands
Puerto Rica is considered to be what of the territory of the United States? commonwealth
Why do some of Caribbean islandds prefer not to become independent? they receive economic aid and military protection from the countries that govern them
What has caused many people from Haiti to become refugees? covupt goverment, violence, political unrest and poverty
What might be a reason that Guerillas in Colombia grow the coco plant? cocanie
This country's major exports include coffee and emerlds Columbia
Why is Simon BolĂ­var considered a hero in many South American countries? he led wars of independence against Spain
In the 1980s, what happened in Venezuela that caused a economic crisis? severe drop in oil prices
Carcas, the capital city of Venezuela, is a large, modern city encicled by...? slums
How do Venezuelans earn a living? Farming/ Ranching and oil industry
What is the worlds largest river system? Amazon
What is the Amazon Basin? it is a giant flood plain with the most diverse plant and animal life in the world
In recent years, what has become a problem in the Amazon rainforest and what can be done? Deforestation; The government could help protect the rainforest and replace the lost income with tourist attractions
Why is Portuguese the offical language of Brazil? the Portuguese colonized Brazil
In the mid-1950s, why did government officials in Brazil want to build a new capital city? they wanted to develop the interior of Brazil
A broad, high plateau that lies between the ridges of the Andes Mountains is called...? altiplano
What is the main mountain range if South America? Andes
What large island is south of the Strait of Magellan? Tierra del Fuego
What is the extremely dry desert in South America? Atacama
What early culture developed a huge empire in the Andean Highlands? Inca
Most people of Latin America follow what religion? Roman Catholic
What countries are important trade partners with Chile? United States and China
People of mixed Indian and European decent are called...? mestizos
How could South America's history be used to help the economy? tourists could be attracted to historical sites and tourism helps the economy
Created by: mmmk
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