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Endocrine E3,3

Endocrine E3 male vs female brain

what gender is the fetal brain until week 8 female
what causes the fetal brain to turn male after week 8 high testosterone surge
what areas change in the male brain at week 8 due to surge in testosterone 1)increase in sex and aggression centers like medial preoptic area of hypothalamus 2)decrease in communication & observation centers
what happens to the fetal brain at week 8 without testosterone surge 1)sprouts more connections in the communication centers & centers that process emotion like prefrontal cortex which is larger in women and matures 1-2 years faster
what happens in the 1st 3 months of a baby girls brain skills in eye & facial gazing increase 400%, boys do not increase
girls have better developed brain circuits for gathering meaning from faces and tone of voice
estrogen is secreted in large amounts from 6 months to 24 months then what turned off until puberty
what gender is better at empathy girls
what happens in infantile puberty for females 1)marinate in high estrogen for 6-24 months 2)enhancing growth of neurons & female brain circuits for observation & commnunication
what happens in infantile puberty for males 1)marinates in high testosterone from birth-12 months 2)+ muscle development, motor skills 3)after a year testosterone decreases but mullerian inhibitory hormone remains high during juvenile pause continue to form & fuel male specific brain circuits
in a study: children were told not to play with a toy what did the girls do 1)very few girls touch the toy 2)looked at mother 10-20x more than boys for signs of approval/disapproval
in a study: children were told not to play with a toy what did the boys do 1)moved around room 2)rarely glanced at mother's face 3)frequently touched forbidden toy even when mother shouted "no" 4)boys seemed compelled to investigate environment
what are the effects of estrogen on girl's behavior 1)invested in preserving harmonious relationships 2)avoid conflict 3)make social bonds based on communication & compromise 4)more talkative(loquacious) 5)sensitive to social nuance
what are the effects of testosterone on boy's behavior 1)promotes aggression -"wrestling" increases dopamine -designed to protect and defend 2)boys will go behind parents backs to take risks more often than girls 3)boys spend 65% of free time in competitive games compared to 35% of girls
what are the hormonal differences on brain circuits 1)male circuits use more testosterone & vasopressin 2)female circuits use more estrogen & oxytocin
what are the 2 emotional systems 1)mirror neuron system 2)temporal-parietal junction
describe the mirror neuron system 1)neurons fire when we watch others performing motor activities & thought to help us relate to what others are doing 2)emotional empathy 3)dominate in females
describe the temporal-parietal junction 1)"analyze and fix it" problem solving 2)keeps a firm boundary between self and other 3)dominate in males
men and women feel anger the same number of times a day but what gender shows more physical aggression males 20x more
why do men show more physical aggression circuits fueled by testosterone & vasopressin along with epinephrine and cortisol
what is the brains center for fear, anger & aggression, and what gender is different 1)amygdala 2)males is larger due to large number of testosterone receptors
what is the brains center for suppression of fear, anger & aggression and what gender is different 1)prefrontal cortex 2)larger in female
what does the degree of anger correlate with levels of testosterone, both decline with age
what happens to the prefrontal cortex(frontal lobe) when angry shuts down
what is associated with anger sympathetic nervous system
how does anger affect physical fear reduces it
anger activates territorial fight reaction which stimulates sympathetic nervous system
intense anger along with high testosterone stimulates what reward/pleasure centers along medial forebrain including lateral and ventromedial hypothalamic nuclei
what is the negative affects of anger reduces perception of risk
what is the positive affects of anger makes us think more clearly
men and women remember facts equally but what do females do better recall the emotional events during the facts
how are males affected by pregnancy hormonally 1)in last tri. testosterone decreases by 33% and prolactin increases by 20% -prolactin stimulates connections in the brain for paternal behavior and decreases sex drive 2)due to pheromones by female -sympathetic pregnancy, weight gain
the male brain uses what for social bonding and parenting vasopressin
what are the affects of vasopressin in males 1)stimulated by testosterone & triggered by sexual orgasm 2)boosts energy, attention, aggression 3)increase levels of dopamine 4)vasopressin receptors are more present in males
what does the female brain use for social bonding and parenting 1)oxytocin 2)estrogen 3)dopamine
cuddling releases oxytocin which increases what dopamine
what are the effects of oxytocin on behavior of both sexes 1)relaxation 2)fearlessness 3)bonding 4)contentment with one another
males need to be touched 2-3x more frequently than females to maintain the same levels of what oxytocin
without frequent touch what happens to the males brain 1)brains oxytocin & dopamine circuits & receptors become deficient 2)keeps them coming back for more
what does dopamine do 1)stimulates motivation & pleasure circuits in the brain 2)stimulates ovarian estrogen at onset of puberty 3)stimulated by testosterone in boys
in boys physical play stimulate what in the brain testosterone
testosterone also stimulates what in the male brain vasopressin
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