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Micro lab 4

Quiz 4

coccus, cocci spheres
bacillus, bacilli rods
vibrios comma shaped
spirillum, spirilla Spirals
spirochetes flexible spirals
What cell shapes can make arrangments cocci, and baccili
Cell arrangement is determined by: by the manner dividing cells hold together and wherther the cells separate after divison
Diplo- paired cells
Strepto- chains of cells
tetrad groups of four cells
Sarcina groups of 8 cells
Staphylo irregular clusters; grapelike
To visualize a transparent membrane bound fluid filled bag using a light microscope you need stain
solvent and a dye Stain
consists of a charged portion (auxochrome) and the colored portioin (chromophore) Chromogen
The color portion of the dye is chromophore
the charged portion of a stain is auxochrome
basic stains have a net charge that is positive
On a stain molecule structure the chromophore group is easily identified by the what cyclic structre
Many auxochromes are ___ (___) and therefore positively charged (loses OH- or picks up H+) basic (alkaline)
Many auxochromes are basic (alkaline) and therefore ___ charged (loses OH- or picks up H+) positively
many auxochromes are basic (alkaline) and therefore positely charged; (__ ___ ___ ___ ) (Losing OH- or picks up H+)
many bacterial are ___ charged negatively
The basic protocol for a simple stain is smear, heat fix, add stain, wash, blot
Some examples of Simples stains include methylene blue, Crystal violet and Safranin
this type of staining is used to determine the morphology of the bacteria that are to delicate to be heat fixed Negative stain
Adding an ___ dye (auxochrome) is repelled by most cells leaving an outline of the cell acidic dye
the white outline surrounding the negative bacteria should not be confused with what? capsule
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