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Chapter 10

People who lived on the island of Crete Minaans
People who lived on the mailand Mycenaeans
Two seas that surround Greece Aegean and Ionian Seas
Another name for a "singing poet" Bard
A Poet who was blind, and wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey Homer
They were the Greeks that added the vowels to the alphabet Phoenicians
Goddess of wisdom Athena
A freed slave who wrote Fables Aesop
Stories that have a moral or teaching attached to them Fables
Lover of wisdom Philospher
Philosopher concerned about "what is the best way to live" Socrates
All work done by helots, most men couldn't read or write, foreigners not welcomed, boys trained to be soldiers, babies were judged Sparta
Most famous city, state; most cultural; boys trained to be good citizens; they became citizens at age 18; democracy Athens
"upper city' religious center of the Greek city Acropolis
Market place Agora
Largest gathering place in the city; plays Theater
Where men practiced sports Gym
Long racing tracks Stadium
Famous Greek scientest Achimedes
Where the 1st Olympic games took place in 775 B.C. Olympia
Comes from "people" and "rule" which means rule by the laws that the people made Democracy
Large group of foot soldiers armed with shields and spears that are 14' long (they moved together) Phalanx
Most important city in the world, 16 cities have the same name Alexandria
He conquered most of Greece Philip II
Alexander used this to unite the Greek cities League of Cornith
This man prophesied Alexander's rise to power and early death Daniel
Most important language, helped spread the Gospel Greek
200 year period that begun with Alexander's death Hellensitic Age
Greek god honored by the Olympics Zeus
Where the Myceneans left the Trojan Horse Troy
Where Greece is located Balkon Pennisula
Amount of rain, snow, sleet etc. an area receives Precipitation
Not to hot or to cold Temperature
Weather condition in an area Climate
Conditions of climate which change from day to day Weather
Cuts Greece in half Gulf of Corinth
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