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Who organized the KKK? ex-confederates
What year was the KKK organized? 1866
What was the symbol used to identify a KKK act? Burning Cross
Who introduced the idea of the burning cross William Simmons
Year the second KKK was organized 1915
The KKK was against which groups anti-black, anti-immigrant, anti-catholic, antisemtic
At the KKK's peak its membership reached... 4-5 million members
Who revived the KKK in the 1990s? David Duke
Who was the ex-Baseball player turned preacher against the drinking of alcohol? Billy Sunday
Which ammendment made alcohol illegal? 16th
When did Prohibition begin? January 16,1919
In what year was prohibition abolished? 1933
What percentage of crime involved alcohol during the prohibition era? 50%
Who was the Rum Running Queen Mrs. Willie Carter Sharpe
Who was the most famous gangster from Chicago, in-charge of the illegal liquor trade? Al Capone
What is the name of the bloody massacre committed by Al Capone's men? St. Valentine's Day Massacre
What % of the cops were "on the take" during prohibition? 50%
Which countries made up the Triple Alliance? Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
Which country left the Triple Alliance to join the Triple Entente? Italy
Which three countries made up the Triple Entente? Great Britian, France and Russia
Which group did Turkey later join? Triple Alliance
Whose armies doubled between 1870 and 1914 France and Germany
What was Von Schlieffen's plan to attack France by going through Belgium if Russia attacked Germany.
Nationalism being a strong supporter of the rights and interests of one's country.
Alliance an agreement made between two or more countries to give each other help if it is needed.
Imperialism when a country takes over new lands or countries and make them subject to their rule.
Militarism when army and military forces are given a high profile by the government.
What advantage did the bolt-action rifle give a soldier in WWI? It added speed, accuracy and distance
The Machine Gun had the fire-power of how many single guns? 100
Name the two gases used in the WWI Chlorine Gas and Mustard Gas
What was the Zeppelin? an airship used by the Germans to carry machine guns and bombs.
What was the problem with the Zeppelin? It was easily shot down
what is it called when two planes fight in the sky? dogfight
The Germans torpedoed what passenger liner? The Lusitania
What year did America join the war? 1917
Empire Where a powerful country controls several less powerful countries.
The Treaty of Versailles blamed who for WWI? Germany
The incident that sparked the beginning of WWI the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
Germany agreed to a cease-fire on what date Nov. 11, 1918
A cornerstone of Pres. Wilson's Fourteen Points was the creation of a world peace organization known as what? League of Nations
World War I came to be known as what? The war to end all wars.
List the 5 main causes of the First World War. Rise of Nationalism, Growth of Imperialism, Increased Militarism, Formation of Military Alliances, Igniting Incident
A truce or agreement to end an armed conflict Armistice
British intercepted telegram in 1917 revealing a German proposal that Mexico go against the US Zimmerman note
Term for large-scale movement of hundreds of thousands of Southern blacks to northern cities. Great Migration
1917 law that required men to register for military service Selective Service
Biased mass communication designed to influence people propaganda
1919 peace treaty at end of WWI which established new nations Treaty of Versailles
Compensation paid by a defeated nation for war damages reparations
The leader of the American Expeditionary Force who believed in aggressive combat John J Pershing
US senator who led campaign to keep America out of the League of Nations Henry Cabot Lodge
America's president during WWI Woodrow Wilson
The international organization for the peaceful settlement of grievances League of Nations
Federal agency led by Bernard Baruch that regulated the economy and increased efficiency during the war War Industries Board
A person who opposes warfare on moral grounds conscientious objector
The Fourteen Points of the early 20th century were issued to do what? were issued by President Wilson as a basis for a lasting peace.
A cause for the US becoming involved in WWI was... threats to American security by Germany
In the months leading up to WWI, the US wanted to maintain its neutrality because the US was trading heavily with European nations and did not want its business interrupted.
The US Congress refused to ratify the Treaty of Versailles (1919) because it felt the League of Nations would restrict America of its sovereignty.
´╗┐How did WWI impact African Americans? It accelerated the Great Migration
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