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Ch. 5 Vocab - KS

KS history CH. 5 Vocabulary

Veto to reject a bill from becoming a law.
Representative Government A form of government in which the citizens delegate authority to elected representatives.
Ordinance A local law.
Segregate To separate by race; to keep apart.
Secede To withdraw from an organization.
Guerrilla A member of an irregular military unit moving in small bands, using surprise raids.
Fort Leavenworth The oldest active army fort west of the Mississippi River.
Fort Larned Protected the Santa Fe Trail.
Fort Scott Protected Native Americans from squatters.
Sterling Price Confederate Genereal during the Battle of Mine Creek; wanted to capture MO for the Confederacy.
William Quantrill Confederate guerilla who attacked and burned the town of Lawrence, KS; killed as many men and boys of the town as he could.
John Chivington Betrayed Cheyenne chiefs Black Kettle and White Antelope, murdering hundreds of men, women and children.
James Lane Established the Frontier Guard and "First Colored Infantry".
What was the Frontier Guard responsible for while in Washington DC? Protecting the White House, President Lincoln and the US Capitol building.
How did the outnumbered Union army defeat the Confederates at the Battle of Mine Creek? By using a cavalry charge.
What did Black Kettle and White Antelope want from the US Government? Peace.
What was one purpose of Frontier Forts? To keep the peace between Indians and Americans moving west.
What happened to fort soldiers when the Civil War began? A. They returned home and fought for their side of the conflict (Union or Confederate).
What were two reasons the Southern states seceded? Slavery and state’s rights.
What attracted African Americans to enlist in the Union army? They received pay equal to white soldiers.
Which battle made the First Colored Infantry famous? The Battle of Honey Springs
What happened during Quantrill's Raid of Lawrence? The Confederate guerrillas killed as many boys and men of Lawrence as they could.
What did the US government promise the chiefs at the Medicine Lodge Treaty? The government would protect the tribes from whites, build schools, give them farming tools and give them food.
Which state had the highest death rate among soldiers in the Civil War? Kansas
What was Order No. 11? ordered Missouri residents in 4 counties to vacate their homes in hopes of preventing any more raids across the state line.
Who were the buffalo soldiers? African American soldiers in the 9th and 10th cavalry of the U.S. Army.
Amend To alter, change or add to.
Who were Black Kettle and White Antelope? Cheyenne chiefs who were promised peace and protection by the US Government.
What was the Sand Creek Massacre? John Chivington and other US military soldiers attacked the Cheyenne settlement outside of Ft. Lyon, CO.
What promises were made to the tribes at the Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty? Protection from whites, supplies/food, schools and homes built by the US government.
What did tribes living on reservations rely on Americans for? food, clothing and supplies
Created by: WeberAE