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Geography Unit 7

Chapters 19 and 20

What is the most abundant natural resource in Africa south of the Sahara? Oil reserves
Which human made lake supplies electricity to Ghana? Lake Volta
In Western Africa what is welcome after heavy summer rains? Harmattan
AS you move away from the equator the climate changes from what to what? tropical-semiarid steppe-deserts
Where is the Kalahari desert located? In eastern Namibia, most of Botswana, and part of South Africa
What bigger highlands are the Ethiopian highlands part of? Eastern Highlands
Is it possible to navigate most rivers in Africa from the mouth to the source? No due to broken landscapes
What is the steppe south of the Sahara called? Sahel
Factor that has the greatest influence on climate in Africa south of the Sahara it's location in the tropics near the equator
What mountain range forms part of the escarpment along the southern edge of the African continent? Drakensberg Range
Location of tropical rainforests in Africa south of the Sahara tropical wet climate zone (near equator)
Niger river splits into an inland ________ is southern Nigeria delta
Largest lake in Africa located between the eastern and western branches of the Great Rift Valley Lake Victoria
Name of region that you find Mount Kilimanjaro Eastern Highlands
Mountain range known as "Mountain of the Moon" Ruwenzori Mountains
Location of most escarpment in Africa south of the Sahara less than 20 miles from the coast
What other name is used to refer to tropical grasslands? savanna
Where do vertical climate zones exist? highland areas
What is a harmattan? a dust-laden wind on the Atlantic coast of Africa in some seasons
How much of Africa is covered by Savanna? almost half
What months will most of the rain fall in the Sahel? June, July, and August
Most of Botswana is oovered by what desert? Kalahari Desert
Urbanization speed in Africa versus the rest of the world? fastest
The Mali Empire grew rich from what trade in the western empire of Ghana gold for salt
What is "oral tradition"? the practice of passing down stories from generation to generation by word of mouth
Reason for development of early written African literature mainly in the northeast societies came in contact with early Mediterranean systems of writing
Population distribution of East Africa widely uneven
Most people of West Africa are concentrated where? along the coast and river plains
What has made trade important throughout the history of East Africa? East Africa's location
Colonial powers favored the Tutsi people in Rwanda and Burundi creating what? resentment among the Hutu
By 800 AD, Banut speaking people had accomplished what? established settlements
What countries are part of the Sahel? Chad, Niger, Mali, and Mauritania
European explorers established trade relationships based on this in Central Africa. slave trade
What is the world's largest ethnic group of nomadic herders? Fulani
When were large areas of Central Africa colonized? 1800's
What percent of people currently carring HIV live in Africa south of the Sahara? about 70 percent
Who is the conflict in Darfur between? agrarian non-Arab black African Muslims and government backed militia
Afrikaans is derived from the language of what early group of settlers in what country early Dutch settlers
Remnants of cultures dating back 1 million years have been discovered in what portion of Africa? parts of Southern Africa
In Nigeria, northern cultures are based on this religion _________, and in the south it is tied to African religions or this other type of religions ____________. Islam, Christianity
What language that is part of the Congo-Kordofanian language group is spoken widely throughout West Africa Yoruba
What event in 1960 in Nigeria caused civil war to erupt? Nigeria gained independence
Increasing desertification and deforestation in this region, has forced people to migrate to cities such as Dakar and Miamey Sahel
How dense is the population in Central Africa compared to other regions? one of the least densely populated regions
Universal Suffrage in South Africa gave voting rights to who? all adult citizens
Created by: Kbarbuch
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