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APUSH Unit 7

APUSH Unit 7 Review

How was America different from Europe? Contiguous, sparsely settled, agricultural settlement, will be states
How was America similar to Europe? Sense of mission, war, economic reasons, controversial
What were America's impulses towards imperialism? Economic, power, Christianity, "White Man's Burden"
What was the major factor in shift of American foreign policy? Markets
Who were the apostles of expansion? William Seward, James Blaine, Alfred Mahan
What was Mahan's strongest belief? US needs a navy, coaling stations, and a Panama Canal
What was the main source of US military strength during the Spanish-American War? Navy
When did the US acquire the Aleutian Islands? 1867
When did the US acquire Alaska? 1867
When did the US take over the Philippines? 1898
When did the US acquire Guam? 1898
When did the US acquire Wake? 1898
When did the US acquire Midway? 1867
When did the US acquire Hawaii? 1898
When did the US acquire Samoa? 1899
When did the US acquire Puerto Rico? 1898
What were the two driving forces for imperialism? Capitalism & communism
What is capitalism? Economic system where private individuals and corporations own/control the means of production
What is the significance of the Wealth of Nations? Smith outlined the ideas of capitalism
Who wrote the Wealth of Nations? Adam Smith
What were Adam Smith's three ideas on capitalism? Law of supply and demand, "invisible hand"/competition, motive of profit
What is laissez-faire? Government tried to stay out of economic affairs
What happened to the economy in 1900? There was a shift from laissez-faire capitalism to modified capitalism
What is modified capitalism? Type of capitalism in which individuals and corporations continue to own and control the means of production, but the government regulates business in the public interest and insures social justice for all
What are the things that define modified capitalism? Regulating businesses in the public interest, anti-trust laws to ensure competition and prevent monopolies, social injustice laws
What is socialism? Economic system where the state owns and controls the means of production and operates it in the name/interest of the public
What is communism? Extreme form of socialism in which the state owns and operates almost all of the economy
What kind of a political system would a communist nation enforce? Totalitarian and political dictatorship
What were the communist countries after the collapse of the USSR? China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Cuba
What are nations with a democracy and socialist economy called? Mixed economy/welfare state
What do radicals believe? Total/drastic/immediate change & may use violence
What do liberals believe? Change is necessary but needs to be peaceful; partial change
What do conservatives believe? Defend the ways things are & keep to tradition
What do reactionaries believe? Go back to a "golden age" & may use violence
What do the Leftists believe? Favors it and government regulation
What do the Rightists believe? Opposes change and government regulation of economy
How has conservatism changed? It was first a reaction to the political and economic egalitarianism of America but now is attributed to the growth of federal power and the welfare state
How was liberalism changed? It was an ideology of the emerging middle class of merchants and entrepreneurs, but now advocates religious tolerance, individualism, and self-reliance
How did Teddy Roosevelt exhibit liberalism? Spent government money for the welfare of Americans
What was the Progressive Movement? Movement that attempted to solve the problems created by the urban-industrial society
What were the goals of the Progressive Movement? Expand democracy, regulatin business in public interest, achieving social justice
What did progressives believe to be the cure to American democracy? MORE DEMOCRACY
What were the beliefs of the progressives? Environment is source of evil, government role is postive, people need facts, reliance in experts, stress efficiency, middle path between capitalism and socialism
Who were the muckrakers? Journalists who exposed corruption in the Progressive Era
Who were famous muckrakers? Lincoln Steffens, Ida Tarbell, John Spargok, Upton Sinclair
What was the Jungle by Upton Sinclair aimed towards? Meat Packing Industry
What were the examples of reform at the local level? Panic of 1893' battling the boss and city machines, new form of city government, public utility ownership, housing/fire codes (Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire)
What was the Hull House? Settlement house established by Jane Addams for women and children
What were the examples of reform at the state level? Robert LaFollette & the Wisconsin Idea (lab for reform), extension of democracy
How was democracy expanded during the Progressive Era? Secret ballot, women's suffrage, direct election of senators, direct primary, initiative, referendum, recall
What was Mueller vs. Oregon? Regulate hours women could be required to work to ten hours
Who was the leader in the Mueller vs. Oregon case? Louis Brandeis
What is the example of reform at the national level? Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal
What were examples of the Square Deal? Northern Securities Case, Coal Strike of 1902, Meat Inspection Act, Pure Food and Drug Act, Newlands Act
What did the Northern Securities Case determine? "good" and "bad" trusts
What's the bully pulprit? Using the power only the president has to communicate with the entire nation in order to get them on board with the new policies
What was Taft's foreign policy called? Dollar Diplomacy
What two important things is Taft known for? The Pinchot-Ballinger affair & the Payne-Aldrich affair
What did the Pinchot-Ballinger affair have to do with? Conservatism
What happened in the Election of 1912? Wilson won the presidency because of the split in the Republican Party - "Bull Moose Party"/"Progressive Party"
What was Teddy Roosevelt's platform in the Election of 1912 called and what did it state? New Nationalism - government policy of regulated monopolies - trusts can exist but the government regulates them
What was Wilson's platform in the Election of 1912 called and what did it state? New Freedom - called for government regulation of competition & the elimination of all trusts and monopolies
How would you describe Wilson? Stubborn, inflexible, moralist
What are examples of New Freedom? Underwood-Simmons Tariff, Federal Reserve Act, Clayton Anti-Trust Act/Magna Carta of Labor, Federal Trade Commission
What did Josiah Strong's Our Country state? America is destined to expand its trade and dominion because the world is to be Christianized and civilized and because Americans are a god-favored race
What were the immediate causes of the Spanish-American War? Sinking of the Maine, DeLome letter
What were the general causes of the Spanish-American War? Cuban nationalism, US expansionism, yellow journalism, need for raw materials
Who got control of Panama? Manuel Noriega
Why did the US want to end the rebellion in Cuba? Cuban insurrections were destroying US owned sugar cane plantations and mills
Who was Emilio Aguinaldo? Led Filipino insurrecton against the Spanish and then the US
Where were the Japanese imported and why? Hawaii to work on plantations
When did the Philippines gain independence? 1946
Why was the queen of Hawaii removed from the throne? Didn't support the annexation of Hawaii
What country did the Gentlemen's Agreement deal with? Japan
Which president opposed imperalism? Grover Cleveland
Which amendment gave the US rights in Cuba? The Platt Amendment
US never supported low wages for women
US favored the Cuban Revolution
Who made up the progressives? Middle class
What was a result of the Spanish-American War? Hawaii was annexed
How did America allow a revolution in Panama? Parked Great White Fleet near Colombia
What attributed to the greatest loss of life in the Spanish-American War? Disease and bad meat
US expansionism did not mean all the states were acquired
What did Mahan believe was the ticket to control the seas? Navy
What was the purpose of the Open Door Policy with China? Free trade
What was in charge of the prohibition of alcohol? The Women's Christian Temperance Movement
Who is associated with the term "brown brothers"? Taft
What was the Roosevelt Corollary? Trusts that didn't prevent competition could be kept
What was the Boxer Rebellion? Chinese revolt against the Chinese government
What was the 16th Amendment? Income Tax - higher tax to those with higher income (1913)
What was the 17th Amendment? Direct election of senators - increase voters' powers and decreased corruption in the Senate (1913)
What was the 18th Amendment? Prohibition - banned manufacture, sale, and transport of alcoholic beverages (1919)
What was the 19th Amendment? Women's suffrage - women won the right to vote (1920)
What are the D's of imperialism? Diety, destiny, defense, dollars, democracy
Created by: Tiffanyy