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Chapter 22

What is a Totalitarian ruler? someone who controls everything about your life.
What is a Totalitarian country? a country that is aggressive in their foreign policy.
What two types of government do NOT get along? Communism and Fascism.
What does the League of Nations do? and why isn't Germany obeying it? League of Nations was made to keep peace. Germany isn't listening to the people when they stay stop because the League of Nations is only a voluntary organization. So they are just giving him what he wants.
What was one big Post WWI problem? Germany is bullying other countries and they aren't doing anything about it because they don't want to go to another war because of money and economic reasons.
Who was Adolf Hitler? fascist ruler over Germany
What does Fascist mean? extreme nationalist, rasist, and they think they are better than everyone else; they have a kind of social darwinistic view.
What is Adolf Hitler's foreign policy? He wanted to undo the Treaty of Versailles so they can start taking territories
What is "Lebensraum"? means "living room" in German. Hitler wanted to expand German territory/living room
"test the water"? Hitler kept building up an army and obtaining more weapons to test the people and see what they do, but they don't do anything
What year was "test the water"? 1930
Who is Benito Mussolini? Fascist ruler over Italy
What was Benito Mussolini's foreign policy? wanted to recreate the Roman Empire
What is the Roman Lake? a sea that the Romans owned that Mussolini wanted to take over
Who is Hideki Tojo? fascist Prime Minister of Japan
What is the Great East Asian Co-Presperity Sphere? code word for conquering the south east Asia
What is the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis? the axis (bad guys) military alliance
Who was Joseph Stalin? communist leader over Russia
What was Stalin's plan? a 5 year plan that sets a goal each year to become more forceful, about 8 million people were killed; they want to take over Eastern Europe and make them communist because thats the land they lost in WWI
What was Stalin's Foreign Policy? spread communism
what is a proletariat? a worker
What was the year of WWII in Europe? 1939
What year was the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis? 1940
What is the Appeasement Policy? this policy worked for Hitler because it encouraged him to fight
When does Poland disappear? 1939
What is "Blitzkrieg"? means lightning war. A war that relies on tanks, it left GB alone in the summer of 1940
What did WWI rely on? trenches
What was the Neutrality Act of 1935? this act said that we will not trade any war materials or offer loans with belligerent (aimed at Italy)
What was the Neutrality Act of 1937? this act made it illegal to ship to or from Belligerent Nations (aimed at Japan)
What was the Neutrality Act of 1939? this act said that we are stepping in because when Germany invaded Poland; this says that they can buy from us but they have to use cash upfront and come get it with their own ship
What is the nickname for the Neutrality Act of 1939? "Cash-and-Carry"
Why does the US start preparing for war? since France collapsed
What is the "Two-Ocean Navy Act"? our first line of defense is navy so the axis powers have to pass our navy first, plus we increased out navy by 70%
what is the Peacetime Draft of 1940? a draft where we said that men between the ages of 18 and 25 will be drafted
What is the Lend-Lease Act? reverses all of the Neutrality Acts
What was the year of the Lend-Lease Act? 1941
What was the nickname fore the Lend-Lease Act? "the Arsenal of Democracy"
What encouraged the Lend-Lease Act? Battle of Britain
What did the Lend-Lease Act do? this act promised full aid to belligerent countries especially GB because we had to keep them in war with Germany so we wont have to step in, WE bring the materials to them so we can fight back if Germany attacks us
How did GB repay them? instead of GB paying up $22 Billion back they leased us there naval base and still payed back a little money
What was the Quasi-War? War in North Atlantic between us and Axis powers; since we ship materials to them we get attacked by Axis powers which gives us the power to fight back
What year was the Quasi-War? 1941
What is the Atlantic Charter? we meet with Winston Churchill and said we are with the Allies (but NOT fighting) but we are FOR freedom
When was the Atlantic Charter? 1941
Who makes us enter the war? Japan
Why do we enter the war? bombing of Pearl Harbor
What does Boycott mean? to not buy from
What does Embargo mean? to not sell to
What 2 two embargoes do we put on Japan? Cut off the sell of scrap metal (1940) and oil (1941)
What do we do with the scrape metal and oil left over to help our economy? so our economy wont fail we give it to to Allies
What was the Peace Deligation? Japan sent a peace delegation to end the oil cut off to them but they knew that to start giving them oil again they have to stop war with China; they only reason they did this was to waist time so they can attack us
What was the date that they bombed Pearl Harbor? December 7, 1941
Why did they bomb Pearl Harbor? Pearl Harbor is where he had 4 of our aircraft carriers and without those we would be pointless
Why was the bombing of PH not as bad as it could have been? when they bombed us all of our aircraft carriers was in the ocean so Japs only bombed some ships that we had there
What did FDR call the bombing of Pearl Harbor? Day of Infamy
Communism: see classes not races, reform darwinism, for coroperation
Fascism: racist, nationalist, social darwinist, competition between races
Created by: KelseyRoberson
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