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chapter 12

pacific south america

4. bolivia has two capitals Lapaz, and __________________. sucre
1. important mineral deposits are located near the ____________ coast. pacific
3. thousands of years ago ________________ became the basis of the regions economy. agriculture
2. domestic animals include of _________________ and ______________. llamas and alpacas
5. although it it was a rich and _________________ the inca empire did not last long. efficient
6. the built structures out of large __________ blocks. stone
7. Pizzaro wanted inca _______ and ________ gold and silver
8. the incas greatest achievement was what? the organization of the empire.
9. the inca emperor died when? in 1525
10. peru is struggling with what? poverty and political violence
11. south americans call the thick tropical rain forests in the region what? selvas
12. northern chile contains the ____________ desert atacama
13. they domesticated what? quinoa
14. by the early 1500's how many people ruled the andes region? one
15. a struggle of his ________ sons fought over who would take his place two
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