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6th Grade History

Land forms of Greece hilly and mountains
2 main peninsulas in Greece Attica and Peloponnesus
what is Crete? largest Greek Island
what is Rhodes? Greek Island lying east of Crete in the Aegean Sea
Why is it difficult to grow crops in Greece? too hilly not enough soil or water
two crops ancient Greeks specialized in? olives and grapes
uses of olive oil? cooking and body lotion
how did Greece become wealthy traded olive oil and wine
what is a city-state? self governing city surrounded by villages
types of government in Athens before becoming a democracy? 1. Monarchy, 2. Oligarchy 3. Democracy
What was Athens like for women? Girls stayed home with their mothers and were not allowed to be citizens. They did not have as many rights as men
Who could not be citizens in Greece slaves and women
what is the largest city-state in Greece Sparta
Which city-state had the most slaves? Sparta
What did the slaves attempt to do? Revolt/escape
What did Sparta do to keep their slaves fro revolting? Put them in jail
How long were you required to serve in the army in Sparta? 7-60 years
Where did the ancient Greeks believe the Gods lived? MT. Olympus
most powerful god? Zeus
Purpose of Olympics? honer the gods
why did city-states band together to fight Persia? they shared cultural ties and worked together to defeat persia
Why did Athens get all the wealth after the Persian wars? the city-states paid the Athenian Navy for protection
What was the Parthenon The highest point of the Acropolis in Athens
Who was Pericles? A Athenian leader who helped poor get rights in the government
Who was Socrates? A great philosopher who led discussions about the right way to live
What happened to Socrates? He was sentenced to death and drank poison to kill himself
Who was Plato? A great philosopher and a student of Socrates teachings.
What was the Peloponnesian League? An alliance of the other city-states because Athens was too powerful.
Why did they attack Athens? Because they thought Athens was too powerful and they were jealous.
What did the Athenians do to protect themselves? Everyone moved into the city.
Why did Athens have to surrender? Because everyone was sick from a terrible disease and the grain supply was cut off.
Why was Macedonia able to conquer Greece after the Peloponnesian Wars? Because Sparta and Athens were weak
Who was Philip? Alexander the Great's dad
What happened to Philip? He died from the Persians
Why was Alexander so interested in Greek culture? Because Aristotle, a famous Greek Philosopher, was his teacher and taught him to respect greek culture and traditions.
Created by: rileybabler