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immigration life

immagration and herban life

Push and pull factors of immigrants. Push:The lack of food, The lack of family,The lack of religious freedom Pull:Religious freedom, Job openings
Program organized massacre of a particular ethnic group
Ghettos and tenements Ghetto- a part of a city, a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups Tenement- a room or a set of rooms forming a separate residence within a house or block of apartments.
Working conditions in factories bad air, hot or cold, accidents, no breaks
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. 25 died on the fire escape, 500 employees, 146 died, 26 below 18 years old, youngest 11
Ellis Island they got registered to enter, eyes checked, medical exam, mental exam, and legal exam
Upton Sinclair. wrote The Jungle, focused on meat packaging
Ida Tarbell. Focused on monopolies and John D. Rockefeller.
Lincoln Steffens Focused on political corruption, and wrote The Shame of the Cities
John D. Rockefeller monopoly on oil
Andrew Carnegie homestead strikee
Horizontal integration owning the same thing
Vertical integration owning everything
Civil service workers are chosen by friends
Civil service act workers had to take a test before a job
Theodore Roosevelt Meat Inspection Act, Pure food and drug act, Trust busting teddy
William Taft 16th amendment, federal income tax, 17th amendment, vote for senators
Woodrow Wilson Lowered tariffs, graduated income tax, Federal Reserve System, federal trade Commission
Meat inspection act forced meat packing companies to open the doors to inspectors
Pure food and drug act required all food and drug makers to list all the ingredient on package
16th amendment Federal income tax
17th amendment direct election of senators
19th amendment woman got the right to vote
Trust corporations come together to reduce competition and control prices
Sherman Anti- trust act A law that made it illegal to make trusts or monopolies
Trust busting getting rid of trust
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