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History Final 2

end of the year final

Oral Tradition Stories.
Ghana's trade Salt & Gold
Savannah Grasslands of Africa dotted with trees.
Great Rift Valley Where life began. Natural fault zone.
Swahili comination of African & Arab language
Mansu Musa Great leader of Mali Empire
Sahara 1/6th of world's landmass.
Chosan Korean City
Chinese influence Chinese invade Korea
Martin Luther Salvation - achieved through faith in God.
Black Death Started by rats & fleas
Henry VIII wanted son, church wouldn't let divorce.
Treaty of Westphalia ended 30 years War
Jesuits Catholic group, stopped Catholic Reformation
Thirty Years War devistated Germany
Council of Trent Started Catholic Reformation
John Calvin started Protestant religion - God knows if you go to heaven or hell at birth
Elect chosen by God to go to Heaven
Calvinism strict Catholic religion by John Calvin - Heaven or Hell
Protestant Reformation by Martin Luther - Large church split
Catholic Reformation Catholic Church trys to stop Protestant Reformation
Indulgences pay for sins
Sect small religion group
Scientific Method observation, experimentation, logic
Galileo sun is center of universe
Isaac Newton laws of gravity & calculus
Geocentric earth centered universe
Heliocentric star centered universe
Rousseau enlightenment Philosopher - civilization currups
Philosophes Enlightenment thinkers
Adam Smith believed in free markets.
Enlightenment people use reason & logic that humans have progress
Samurai Japanese warriors
Shogun top general
Bushido coat of honor
Seppuku assisted suicide
Wendi founded Su dynasty
Grand Canal waterways - aided Chinese trade
Inventions of China NOT astrolabe
Analects confusious' thoughts written down by students
Great Wall of China kept people out
Silk Road trade route
Acupuncture medical exam based on Daoism
Four Noble Truth foundation of Budhism
Eightfold Path guidelines to reach nirvana
Siddhartha Gautama founder of Budhism
Suttee Hindu wife throws herself on husband's cremation fire.
Cast System Hindu social class system
Reincarnation rebirth
Dharma special moral duty
Karma what goes around comes around
Bhakti ultimate love & devotion of God
Hieroglyphics written language with symbols
Inca king of Inca
Quipu keep track of all things
Huitzilopochtli Aztec God fighting darkness
Tenochtitlan Aztec city built on swamp
Hernan Cortez conquered Aztecs by making deals
Francesco Pizzaro conquered Inca
Ferdinand Magellan circum navigate
Lateen sails triangle sails - go into wind
Henry the Navigator started school of boating