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To capitalize letters on the left half of the keyboard, press and hold down the left shift key while you press the letter. FALSE
Keep fingers curved when you type. TRUE
A repeated word counts as one error. TRUE
The home keys are ASDFJKL and semicolon. TRUE
Your left pinky finger is the semicolon finger. FALSE
The row that contains the keys Q W E is called the home row. FALSE
You press the spacebar with the thumb of you writing hand. TRUE
Use the F finger to key H FAlSE
When keying, your elbows should bend at right angles. TRUE
You use Left shift to key the first letter of the name "Nancy". TRUE
Use the semicolon finger to key a period. FALSE
When keying, you should center your body on the J key. TRUE
Use the Right Shift key for the right-hand capital letters. FALSE
If a word has three incorrect letters, count one error
When typing copy from your text book, keep your eyes on the textbook
If the punctuation after a word is incorrect or omitted, count as incorrect the word before the punctuation
While typing, keep your wrists low but not resting on the keyboard
The fingertips of your left hand should always be placed on these keys: a, s, d, f
The fingertips of your right hand should always be placed on these keys: j, k, l, and semicolon
As you type, press the keys lightly and quickly
To begin typing a new line even when the line you are working on is not filled, press the Enter key
You press the pagedown key for a hard return. FALSE
Press the tab key twice to leave a blank line between drill lines. FALSE
Leave one space before or after the diagonal or slash, as it is sometimes called. FALSE
The space key is used to move the insertion point to a preselected point or stop. FALSE
Press the shift key to type a word or words in all capital letters. FALSE
Typing speed is measures in words a minute. TRUE
You key the word "pie" by using keys on the third row of the keyboard. TRUE
To key Y, you reach your F finger up and right. FALSE
You use the same finger to key B, T and Y. FALSE
The Caps Lock key works only on letters. TRUE
When determining speed, a partial line is counted by the number of 5-stroke words
The insertion point appears where text will be entered.
When tryping, place the thumb of your writing hand about 1/2 in above the space bar.
Use the _ finger to type E D
The right shift key is used to capitalize letters yped with the left hand
When typing, your hands should be slightly curved over the home row keys
Use the tab key to indent paragraphs
The period and comma are keyed with two different fingers on the right hand
What shouldnt you do while typing? lean your hands on the keyboard
The letters ASDF are on the home row
Created by: smiths6655
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