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Wiker SS Ch 3 EXPLOR

Chapter 3 SS list of Explorers

He started a school for navigation in Portugal. He was known as the "Explorer that stayed at home." He was the son of King John I. Prince Henry
He was the first explorer to navigate around the Cape of Good Hope (the sourthern tip of Africa). He was sent by King John II of Portugal. Bartolomeu Dias
He originally named the southern tip of Africa "The Cape of Storms" but King John II changed that name to "The Cape of Good Hope." Bartolomeu Dias
First to sail past the southern tip of Africa (The Cape of Good Hope) and cross the Indian Ocean to reach Indian Ocean and sail all the way to India. Vasco de Gama
He doubted that Christopher Columbus Had found Asia. He sailed along the coast of north and south america looking for signs of Asia and found none. Amerigo Vespucci
Eventually, the continents of north and south america were named after this explorer. Amerigo Vespucci
The king of England paid him to lead an expedition going to Cathay. Many beleive he reached New Foundland. When he returned to England he said he found Cathay and was renamed into an english name. Giovanni Caboto
He is an Italian explorer but he sailed for Spain. He was the first European to sail west acroos the Atlantic Ocean in hopes of finding Asia. The first island he landed on he named San Salvador. Christopher Columbus
He set sail from Spain in 1519. He started with 250 sailer on 5 ships. By the time the last ship returned to Spain, there were only 18 crew members left. He died in a battle in the Phillippines. Ferdinand Magellan
He was the first to cross the Isthmus of Panama in 1513. He eventually reached the Pacific Ocean. Vasco Nunez de Balboa
The Spanish sent a Spanish noble, on an expedition to find gold in the land of the Aztecs. Hernando Cortes
He set sail in 1528 to try and conquer all the lands along the Gulf of Mexico. Panfilo de Narvaez
King of the Aztecs, died by a man hurling a rock at his head. Shortly after being hit, he died a few days later. Motechuzoma
He and 300 soldiers went ashore and told the rest of the crew to take all of the goods and food and they would meet the landing party at a harbor. The ships crew searched the Gulf Coast for a year but didn't find the harbor or the landing party. Panfilo de Narvaez
This conquistador sailed with Columbus on his second voyage. He was in search of a "Fountain of Youth" though to be on the island of Bimini. He landed in what is now Florida. He named it "La Florida" meaning "flowery" in Spanish. Juan Ponce de Leon
This conquistador explored the southeastern US (what is now South and North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama). He led one of the bloodiest battles that killed many Native Americans. When he died, his men buried him in the Mississippi River. Hernando de Soto
This Spanish explorer set out to find the "Seven Cities of Gold." They marched to the Pueblo Indian town of Hawikuh but never found the Seven Cities of Gold. He traveled home along what is now known as the Sante Fe Trail. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
Created by: wiker5
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