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S.S. Test Japan

S.S. Test

What did Prince Shotoku use China as a model for? A strong government, intellectual life, and religious life
Who was Jimmu? A Yamato leader who founded the line of Japanese emperors
What crops did Japanese farmers grow? Wheat and rice
Who was Murasaki Shikibu? A female novelist and poet
Who was Minamoto Yoritomo? First Shogun.
What is a Daimyo? Powerful military lords who headed small territories
What did most Japanese believe about religion? There was no need to choose one religion
What is feudalism? A band of loyalty between a lord and a vassal
How did China influence Japan? Spread of Buddhism, diplomatic visits to China, and cultural exchange between the two countries
What is Hakkaido? One of the four largest islands in Japan
Why does the nation have little fertile land? The islands of Japan are at the tops of mountains that rise from the oceans floor
What was the Onin War? A period of ten years when Japanese warriors fought one another
What is Taika? The "Great Change" in Japanese government begun by the Yamato
When did the Nara Period occur? A.D. 700's in Japan
Which island are all of Japan's major cities located? Hanshu
What did Shinto believe? All nature has spirits
Why did the emperor create the title Shogun? So he wouldn't be overthrown
What happened when the Mongols attacked Japan? Their ships were smashed by storms
What's important about the oceans that surround Japan's islands? They encouraged people to become traders
Why did the power of the emperor weaken during the A.D. 800s? Many emperors were children and regents refused to give up power
What are martial arts? Sports involving combat and self-defense
What is a Samurai? Warriors who agreed to fight for nobles in exchange for land
Who were the Yayoi clans headed by? Warriors
Created by: Bowgirly