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S.S test africa 2

developement of africa test

What profession of people was influential in helping the african countries to gain independence The Europeans
Who was the first Nigerian President Azikwe
What type of gov. system did Nigeria have when it first gained independence Self gov. Parliamentary
What caused the many ears of civil war in Nigeria When Belgium left control
What group is nigeria a part of that helps promote trade Common wealth of nations
What was the relationship like between the tutsis and the hutus Very well
Why did the belgains think the tutsis were better than the hutus Because they have more money,and higher class
Why did the tutsis cooperate with the Belgian colonizers Because they got what they wanted
What are the 3 characteristics that the belgains used to identify the different races Color height weight faicail ft.
What are the 3 classes of people that belgian identified Tutsis Hutu Twa
What did the hutu gov. use to convince the use to convince the hutus to kill the tutsis broadcast
Why did anyone anyone in Europe and or US not come to help the genocide It was in a lil area
What ended the genocide the tutsi got enough people to stop killings
What year did the genocide 1994
Who was paul Rusesabagina The hotel manager who saved 1,200 tutsis when the hutus were killing them
Why do people use child soldiers in war So they could whipe out the upcoming generation
What are blood diamonds People were killing each other to get the diamonds
What job did the hutus and tutsis do Hutus-agricultral Tutsis-Pastorial
What year did the majority of african countries gain their independence People with power made them fight
Tell me atleast 4 effects of colonization 1. Started the civil war 2.taken from home 3.natural resources were then away
First Kenyan prez Jomo Kenyatta
Advertisement Propaganda
Ruling people crudely Oppression
He was an explorer of Africa Livingstone
Created by: lil'keke
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