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Auriemma Legislative

Legislative Branch

How old must you be to vote? 18 years old
The act of betraying your country is treason
Creating oddly shaped districts to increase the voting strength of a paticular group Gerrymander
Congress can stretch their power as needed ex:Creating the Air Force Elastic Clause
People hired by private groups to influence the government lobbyist
What does bicameral legislation mean? There are two houses
How many representatives are there in the entire senate? From each state? 100, 2
How long is a senators term? 6 years
How old do you need to be to become a Senator? 30 years old
How long do you need to be a US citizen to become a Senator? 9 years
Who is the senior senator of any state? The senator that has serving as senator for the longest period of time
How often are new senators elected? 1/3 of the Senate is elected every 2 years
How do we determine how many represntatives are in each state? It is based on state population
What is the minimum number of Representatives a state can have? 1
How old do you need to be to become a Representative? 25 years old
How long is a representatives term? 2 years
How long must you be a citizen of the US to become a representative? 7 years
When do we determine a state's population? Every 10 years with the census
Which person is in charge of the House of Representatives? Speaker of the House
How does the Speaker of the House get his job? He is voted in by the majority party.
What is the Speaker of the House in charge of? leading floord depates, keeping everyone in line and they can become president if the president and vice-president cannot.
How many members are in the House of Representatives? 435
How many members are in Congress? 535
How long is Congress' term? 2 years
Which congres are we currently on? 113th
Which political party has more tha half of the Senate or House of Representatives? Majority Party
This committee is a permanent committee in both the Senate and the House of Represnetatives. Standing committee
What issues does the standing committee deal with? agriculture, commerce, armed forces and veteran's affairs
Which committee was created to work out the details of a bill? Or to combine two bills into one law? Conference committee
What are the powers of the legislative branch? make laws, raise and spend money, regulate trade, deal with foreign countries, and impeach federal officals
Which two Presidents were impeached? Bill Clinton and Andre Johnson- both were aquitted
What is a writ of habeaus corpus? not allowing somoen who is arrested to go to court
What is a bill of attainder? punishing somone without a trial
What is an ex post facto law making something a law after the crime has been committed
Creating oddly shaped districts to increas voting of one political party gerrymanering
an act betraying your country treason
Allowing congress to stretch their power as needed Elastic Clause
People hired by private groups to influence the government lobbyist
What is a bill An idea for a law
Who can introduce a bill in front of Congress? a Senator or Representative
What can happen to a bill in a standing committee? It can be passed, changed, replaced, ignored or killed.
Who can ignore, sign or veto a bill? the President
What is a Franking Privilege? Congressmen can send job related mail without paying for postage
Which article of the Constitution talks about the legislative branch? Article One
Why do we have bicameral legislation? So there is equal representation in one house and representation based on population in the other house.
Can Congress grant titles of nobility? No, it is written in Article One that Congress may not grant titles of nobility.
If you had an issue with garbage dump being built in your county who would you contact? Your representative in the House of Representatitves.
If you had an issue about pythons in the Everglades, who would you contact? On of your state Senators.
Who has the most powerful position in Congress? The Speaker of the House
Which party has the most representatives in Congress? The Majority Party
Which party has fewer than half of the representatives in Congress? The Minority Party
Which type of Congressional Committee meets regularly to talk about national issues? Standing Committee
What do we call powers that are given to Congress and written in the Constitution? Expressed Powers
What do we call powers that are not written in the Constitution? Implied Powers
Congress has the authority to do whatever is... necessary and proper
Why do tax bills originate in the House? When the Constitution was written the people could vote for Representatives but not for Senators.
What is an Authorization Bill? A bill that creates project and establishes costs.
What is an Appropriation Bill? A bill that provides the actual money for the project
Who has the authority to negotiate treaties and deals with foreign countries? The President, however the Senate must approve the treaty or deal before it can go into effect.
Who has the power to declare war? Congress
Who can Congress impeach? Federal Officials (President, VP, and Judges)
Who acts as a judge during an impeachment trial? The Supreme Court Justice (John Roberts)
Created by: jauriemma