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Alaska FAM Forms

FAM Forms

ASAP Report -Filled out by F/A to voluntarily report safety information, incidents or events -Must be filled within 24 hours and found on F/A website under "Forms"
Food/Beverage Coupon or Voucher -Given to customers by Marketing Dept. or travel agent -Good for 1 free cocktail, beer, wine or specialty drink (Red Bull) or 1 Northern Bites Meal or Picnic Pack product -Note comp under coupon on POS or on BSR envelope and destroy coupon or voucher
Body Fluid Exposure Report -Located online ONLY -Filled out by F/A if exposed to body fluids
Cabin Discrepancy -Located in Stationery Kit -Filled out by A F/A when a permanent part of A/C is missing or broken or supplies are used and must be replaced -Give to pilots immediately if item is in red section of form -Give to pilots above 10,000 if in green section
Cart/Carrier Maintenance Repair Tag -Located in Stationary Kit -Filled out by F/A when catering cart or carrier is broken -Attach tag to broken item and give copy to CSA or return to Completed Forms
Crew Reports (Prelim and Cabin Service List) -Given to F/A CSA -Lists customer/meal count, special services, F/C customers, connecting gate information EIB's etc -Discard at end of flight
Customer In-flight Disturbance -Located in Stationery Kit -Filled out by F/As when any serious customers misconduct occurs on board -May give bottom portion to customer -Must complete online F/A Incident Report -Return to Completed Forms
Declaration of Armed Individual -Given to F/D by CSA -Gives name & seat numbers of armed individual -F/D informs A F/A who verifies seat location and informs other F/As and other armed individuals of persons seat location -Report seat verification to F/D
Empowerment Toolkit Form -Located in Stationery Kit -Filled out by F/A whenever there is any valid service failure or to offer compensation for a customer being a Good Samaritan -Give bottom portion only to customer, top portion to CSA or return to Completed Forms
F/A Flight Plan -Given to F/As by pilots -Lists pilots names, flight time, altitude, weather, etc
F/A Incident Report -Online only -F/A fills out only sections in red on online form when reporting incident -If alcohol related, must be filed online within 5 days of incident; all other incidents, file within 24 hours of end of sequence
F/C Beverage Inventory -Located in top drawer of F/C beverage cart, extras in Stationery Kit -Fill out during flight to justify liquor -Leave in top drawer of sealed cart
FAA ID -Presented to crew members when FAA inspector boards a flight -Always ask to see ID
Inflight Services Guide -Located online -Lists general service by flight number
Inflight Services Report -Given to F/As by caterers -Lists specific food/beverage supplies catered -1 sheet per leg of service -Describe catering concern/compliments and return to Completed Forms at base -If no comments regarding catering, discard sheet at end of flight
Beverage Sales Report -Located in Stationery Kit -Filled in by C F/A when no POS device is available -Place completed form in top drawer of sealed liquor cart
MedLink Patch Checklist -Located in Stationery Kit -Completed prior to contacting (if possible) MedLink for in-flight first aid situation -Completed MedLink Patch Checklist may be returned to Completed Forms with F/A Incident Report number noted on it
Northern Bites Meal Form -Inventory count located in Meal Carts
On-board Damage Report -Located in Stationery Kit -Completed when customer's belongings are damaged on board -Given to customer, copy to Completed Forms
UPK Replacement Notification -Located in UPK -Filled out by F/A if UPK seal is broken or missing and/or anything inside was used -Give form to Captain -Leave kit on passenger seat at SEA and ANC only for Fleet Service to replace -Do NOT fill out Cabin Discrepancy
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