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Economic Boom & Bust

Roaring 20s and the Great Depression

1. What era is characterized by flappers, women’s right to vote, Harlem Renaissance, and Prohibition? Roaring Twenties
2. How did Americans feel during the Roaring Twenties? Hopeful
3. What technologies raised the standard of living during the 1920s? Radios, automobiles and airplanes, and movies
4. What technology changed the daily lives of many Americans, particularly women? New appliances and an increased reliance on electricity.
5. Radio quickly became a favorite form of entertainment because… It ws the first contact many people had had with the world outside their town besides letters and newspapers
6. Which events led to the passage of the 18th Amendment? - Many families were concerned that people abused alcohol; Many were concerned that people spent money on alcohol instead of on their families; Progressive reformers helped pass Blue Laws.
7. What is a reason why Prohibition failed? Police had little success in stopping bootleggers.
8. What was the Great Migration? The relocation of African-Americans from the south to the north and Midwest.
9. How did racism hurt African-American in the 1920s? African-Americans were the victims of violence.
10. What was the Harlem Renaissance? Flowering of African-American literature and art in the 1920s, mainly in New York City
11. What music is typically attributed to this time period and to members of the Harlem Renaissance? Jazz
12. What is a depression in the economy? When the economy gets worse.
13. What describes what happened during the stock market crash of 1929? Stock prices fell and many investors sold their stocks.
14. What were 3 causes of the Great Depression? 1. The stock market crashed 2. People bought stock on margins 3. Many people borrowed money from banks, which they could not pay back.
15. What happened to many businesses during the 1930s? They couldn’t sell goods because people couldn’t afford to buy them.
16. Name 3 reasons why the banks failed in the 1930s? 1.Banks had invested money in the stock market that they lost during Black Tuesday 2. Banks had given loans to people who couldn’t pay them back 3. Consumer panic and bank runs
17. What was the Dust Bowl? A name given to most of the Great Plains area after it had had no rain for a long time in the 1930s
18. What was an effect of the Dust Bowl? Many people became migrant workers
19. What was part of the New Deal? To help Americans and the economy
20. What were the 3 goals of Roosevelt’s New Deal program? 1. Relief 2. Recovery 3. Reform
21. Which New Deal program provided monthly payments to the elderly, disabled, and unemployed? Social Security Administration (SSA)
22. What did the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) do? Employed young men in outdoor projects
23. What did the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) do? Make sure bank deposits are safe
24. What benefits dos the Social Security Act continue to give Americans? Unemployment money and old age benefits
25. Why didn’t some people approve of the New Deal policies? The policies cost a lot of money and gave the federal government more power.
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