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APUSH Unit 6

APUSH Unit 6 Review

Which of the following was the most broadly based labor organization in the late nineteenth century? Knights of Labor
All of the following accoung for nativist sentiment against the "new immigrants" of the late nineteenth century EXCEPT that immigrants dominated the professions of law, medicine, and engineering
Which of the following was primarily responsible for the declining death rate in American cities at the end of the nineteenth century? cities built sewers and supplied purified water
Helen Hunt Jackson's A Century of Dishonor was significant because it aroused public awareness of the wrongs that the federal government had inflicted on American Indians
The Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 was not immediately successful limiting business concentration
Which of the planks from the 1892 Populist Party platform showed a concern with issues raised by organized labor? Restrictions on immigration
By the end of his presidency, Ulysses Grant's popularity had declined substantially because of the corruption evident in his administration
"Forty acres and a mule" refers to the proposal to make freed slaves small-scale farmers
The passage explains which problem that farmers faced in the late nineteenth century? long vs. short hauls
The first federal law to restrict immigration, passed in 1882, was aimed at excluding Chinese immigrants
The political cartoonist who eneded Boss Tweed's career is credited with popularizing the donkey and the elephant as symbols for the Democratic and Republican parties. He was Thomas Nast
The injunction as a court order was often used in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century to prevent labor unions from striking
For the period from the end of Reconstruction to 1900, the position of the Supreme Court toward civil rights is best characterized as establishing the constitutionality of segregation
Thomas Nast achieved fame and influence as a political cartoonist
Immigrants coming to America from Eastern and Southern Europe during the late 19th century were most likely to settle in large cities in the Northeast or Midwest
The Haymarket Incident involved a riot between striking workers and police
The "New Immigration" was made up primarily of persons rom Southern and Eastern Europe
Which of the following is true of W.E.B. DuBois? he worked closely with Booker T. Washington
Which of the following was among the objectives of Booker T. Washington? to encourage blacks to work hard, acquire property, and prove they were worthy of their rights
All of the following groups were cowboys except Chinese
The Indians battled whties for all of the following reasons, EXCEPT to rescue their women who had been exiled to Florida
The buffalo were nearly exterminated through wholesale butchery by whites
Thomas Edison was instrumental in the invention of electric light
Some people who found fault with the captains of industry argued that these men diminished the workers' quality of life
In the late nineteenth century, those political candidates who campaigned by "waving the bloody shirt" were reminding voters of the "treason" of the Confederate Democrats during the Civil War
The Crédit Moblilier scandal involved railraod construction kickbacks
One cause of the panic that broke in 1873 was the construction of more factories than existing markets would bear
The sequence of presidential terms fo the "forgettable presidents" of the Gilded Age was Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland, Harrison, Cleveland
In the 1896 case of Plessy v. Ferguson, the Supreme Court ruled that "separate but equal" facilities were constitutional
The Compromise of 1877 resulted in the withdrawal of federal troops from the South
The Pendleton Act required appointees to public office to take a competitive examination
The "Billion-Dollar Congress" quickly disposed of rising government surpluses by building an expensive new steel navy & expanding pensions for Civil War veterans
Which of the following was NOT among the platform planks adopted by the Populist Party in their convention of 1892? governement gurantees of "parity prices" for farmers
President Grover Cleveland aroused widespread public anger by his action of borrowing $65 million in gold from J.P. Morgan's banking syndicate
The greatest political beneficiary of the backlash against President Cleveland in the Congressional elections of 1894 were the Republicans
In the Gilded Age, "hard money" policies were reflected in the Resumption Act of 1875, contraction, the position of the Greenback Labor party
The first federal regulatory agency designed to protect the public interst from business combinations was the Interstate Commerce Commission
Andrew Carnegie was associated with vertical integration
John D. Rockefeller was associated with trusts
J.P. Morgan was associated with interlocking directorate
The method used by J.P. Morgan was call interlocking directorate
The "gospel of wealth" which associated godliness with riches based its theology on the sayings of Jesus
National Labor Union was a social-reform union killed by the depression of 1873
Knights of Labor was the one "big union" that championed producer cooperation arbitration
American Federation of Labor was an association of unions pursuing higher wages, shorter, & better working conditions
Which one of the following has the LEAST in common with the other four? bedroom communities
Settlement houses such as Hull House engaged in all the following activities EXCEPT social reform lobbying
Booker T. Washington believed that the key to political and civil rights for African Americans was economic independence
That a "talented tenth" of American blacks should lead the race to full social and political equality with whites was the view of W.E.B. DuBois
Henry George believed that the root of social inequality and social injustice lay in landowners who gained unearned wealth from rising land values
Lewis Wallace was associated with anti-Darwinism support for the Holy Scriptures
Horatio Alger was associated with success and honor as the products of honesty and hard work
Henry James was associated with psychological realism and the dilemmas of sophisticated women
William Dean Howells was associated with contemporary social problems like divorce, and labor strikes
Chief Joseph was the chief of the Nez Pearce
Sitting Bull was the chief of the Sioux
Geronimo was the chief of the Apache
A Century of Dishonor (1881), which chronicled the dismal history of Indian-white relations, was authored by Helen Hunt Jackson
To assimilate Indians into American society, the Dawes Act did all of the following EXCEPT outlaw the sacred Sun Dance
The United States government's outlawing of the Indian Sun (Ghost) Dance in 1890 resulted in the Battle of Wounded Knee
The Dawes Severalty Act was designed to promote Indian assimilation
The first major farmers' organization was the Farmers' Alliance
The Farmers' Alliance was formed to take action to break the strangling grip of the railroads
Jacob Coxey and his "army" marched on Washington D.C. to demand that the government relieve unemployment with a public works program
President Grover Cleveland justified federal intervention in the Pullman Strike of 1894 on the grounds that the strike was preventing the transit of U.S. mail
Richard Olney was thw United States attorney general who brought in federal troops to crush the strike
Eugene V. Debs was the head of the American Railway Union that organized the strike
George Pullman was the owner of the "palace railroad car" company and the company town
John P. Altgeld was teh governor of Illinois who sympathized with the striking workers
The Depression of the 1890s and episodes like the Pullman Strike made the election of 1896 shape up as a battle between down-and-out workers and farmers and establishment conservatives
Who wrote the book Looking Backward which looked forward to a future of socialism in America? Edward Bellamy
According to Henry George, there was a wide gulf between rich and poor
The leading American advocate of Social Darwinism was William Graham Sumner
The Social Darwinists believed the laws of nature applied to every society
Booker T. Washington believed African Americans should fight for equal rights
What gave large grants of land to states to establish agricultural colleges? Morrill Land Grant Act
The most famous of the urban political bosses in the late nineteenth century was William Tweed
As the new immigrants entered American society they quickly assimilated into the society
By the end of the nineteenth century, most immigrants arrived from Southern and Eastern Europe
Building the new skyscrapers depended on the invention of electical elevators
The Haymarket Square riot strengthened the national labor movement
The Homestead Strike forced management to meet the workers' demands
In the 1905 decision of Lochner v. New York, the Supreme Court struck down a state law limiting the number of hours workers worked each week
As the leader of the American Federation of Labor, he tried to achieve pragmatic goals for his workers. Samuel Gompers
The leader of the Knights of Labor was Terrence Powderly
Who invited women and minorities to join? Knights of Labor
Each of the following companies was a large scale retailer in the late nineteenth century EXCEPT Wal-Mart
The first modern trust was Standard Oil
In which type of organization does a company own all elements from raw material to finished product? vertical integration
The two transcontinental railroad lines met at Promontory, Utah
The aging American poet who most feared the impact of new industrial technologies on American life was John Greenleaf Whittier
Frederick Jackson Turner was the historian who first developed the frontier thesis
What was established to help provide isolated farmers with social and cultural activities? National Grange
The inventor of barbed wire was Joseph Glidden
The Homestead Act of 1862 failed because the land allotments were insufficient for farming arid land
Buffalo soldiers were African American calvarymen
Which of the following was, perhaps, the greatest Native American victory over the Unites States army? Custer's Last Stand
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