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Words for the Day

Systemic Anatomy

Lipoma a benign fatty tumor
Dysplasia abnormal change or development, as in the shape or size of cells
Hyperplasia excessive formation of cells
Cyanosis bluish discoloration of the skin and mucos membranes, occuring when the oxygen in blood is sharply diminished
Iatrogenic pert. to a condition caused by medical diagnostic procedures, or exposure to medical treatment, facilities, and personnal
Prognosis prediction of the possible outcome of a disease
Hypertrophy increase in the size of an organ or other part, resulting from enlargement of the individual cells
Subluxation partial dislocation of a joint
Idiopathic of unknown cause
Neuropathy any abnormal condition of the peripheral nerves
Candidiasis infection caused by a Condida species of fungus affecting the skin, mouth, and vagina
Contusion bruise, a superficial, nonlacerating injury from a blow
Pediculosis infestation with lice
Xeroderma abnormal dryness and roughness of the skin
Carbuncle cluster of boils or abscesses deep under the skin
Impetigo bacterial infection of the skin, common in children and very contagious
Lumen cavity, canal, or channel within an organ or tube, the space inside
Diaphoresis profuse perspiration
Onychomycosis a fungal disease of the nails
Lumbodynia Lower back pain
Condyle rounded bump on a bone, where it forms a joint with another bone or bones
Tubercle nodule in a bone
Sulcus small groove or furrow on the surface of an organ
Facet small, smooth area on a bone
Alveolus socket in jaw that retain the root of a tooth, or a small depression or pit
Fissure cleft or groove
Spine a sharp slender process
Process thin projection or prominance
Meatus opening or tunnel
Epicondyle projection on a bone above the condyle
Head rounded portion of a bone that fits into a groove of another bone to form a joint
Crest a narrow ridge-like projection
Tuberosity a large roughened process
Foramen hole or opening
Sinus air cavity within a bone
Fossa channel or shallow depression
Trochanter one of two bony projections on the proximal end of the femur, that serve for the attachment of muscles
Pathogenic production of a disease
Benign mild, noncancerous, and/or not spreading
Achondroplasia inherited disorder, defect in cartilage and bone formation results in a form of dwarfism
Necrosis death of cells in tissue, usually caused by disease, injury, or blood supply
Erythema abnormal redness of the skin resulting from dilation of the capillaries
Cataplexy sudden brief loss of muscle control brought on by strong emotion
Analgesia absence of sensitivity to pain, while remaining conscious
Hyperemia increased blood in part of the body
Nevus congenital discoloration of the skin; a birthmark or mole
Corpulence the state of being excessively fat
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