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History Exam p.3

The Jamestown settlers saved their colony by planting what? Tabacco
Protestants who wanted to leave and found their own churches were called? Sepsrstist's
What law granted the right to worship freely in Maryland? Act of Toleration
Which law was created so that debtors and poor people could start over? Georgia
The last of the british colonies to be established in America was? Georgia
The type of farming practiced in New England was? Subsistence farming
The most profitable cash crop in South Carilina and Georgia was? Rice (tabacco and indigo)
How did England veiw the North America Colonies? As an economic resource
The hub of shipping trade in North America was in? New England
Labor for the Southern rice fields was provided by? slaves and indeatured survants
The leg of the triangle trade rout in which enslaved Africans were shiped to the West Indies is called? Middle Passage
Farms in the Southern Colonies were larger than those in? Northern (New England)
South Caralina and Georgia have the fastest growing econimes in the colonies because? They produced cash crops of rice, tabacco and indigo
The house of Burgesses was? Jamestowns first government
The pilgrims found a colony called? Plymouth (rock)
The Iroquois Confederacy were? A powerful group of the Native Americans
Main crash crop in Georgia was? rice
Which crop saved Jamestown? Tabacco
Define plantations large farm usally with slaves
What was the Mayflower? A ship that the pilgrims traveled on
First Constituton in America was? Fundamentle orders
Who showed the pilgrims how to grow crops? Native American (squanto)
Who was John Smith Englishmen
Created by: Stephiee Vee