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Chapter 12 and 13 SS

1. Why did Texas want other countries to recognize it as an independent country? How would this benefit European countries? To increase trade, to pressure Mexico into recognizing Texas, to help with financial difficulties. They hoped it stopped U.S. expansions.
2. Who was the Father of Texas? Stephen F. Austin
3. From which European countries did settlers come from to settle in the new republic? Germany, Ireland, and Czechloslovakia
4. List the Presidents of Texas in chronological order. David G. Burnett Sam Houston Mirabeau Lamar Sam Houston (2nd term) Anson Jones
5. Who was Sam Houston’s vice president? Mirabeau Lamar Edward Burleson
6. Why did Texans support Anson Jones? He was going to continue Houston’s policies and he was backed by Houston(Houston’s candidate)
7.What caused the value of Texas’ money to drop? They continued to print more money
8. What were Sam Houston’s policies, failures and successes as President? Peace with Indians, reduced army, could not run again until after Lamar served (no consecutive terms)
9. What were Lamar’s policies, failures and successes as President? Wanted Indians removed - even if it meant war, Father of Texas Education, created the Homestead Act, created bigger government, big debt
10. Why did Houston fear unrest in the army? What did he do about the problem? It threatened the stability of the new and fragile government, so he put the army on leave
11. What happened to the location of Texas’ capitol? Under Houston the capitol became Houston and under Lamar it was moved to Austin
12. Define the following: colonization, revolution, republic. Colonization – colonizing or settling in an area (Stephen F. Austin) Revolution – fighting against the government i.e. the Texas Revolution Republic – a new country (Texas as a country)
13. What was the Treaty of Velasco? Ended the war with Mexico and determined the southern border of Texas (the Rio Grande)
Created by: kirbylovergirl
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