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Latin America Finals

Final test for geography about Latin America

What are push and pull factors? Factors that make people leave one place and factors that make people come to a place.
What is slash-and-burn? Agriculture technique to clear fields. First used by the natives.
What is an infrastructure? Government support programs to improve economy.
Tourism? Positives and negatives
What is the spanish conquest? 1519-1521 Cortes takes over Aztecs
What is Tenochtitlan? City that Cortes reached and took over Aztecs.
What is the PRI? 1929 political party
What are maquiladoras? Factories that used imported materials to create an exported product
What is NAFTA? North American Free Trade Agreement
WHat is Calypso? Caribbean music genre
What is the United Provinces if Central America? Name of Central America after won independence from Mexico 1823
What is Reggae? Music genre from Jamaica 1960's
What is cultural hearth? Place where important ideas spread
What is Panama Canal? Important trade center
Who is Francisco Pizarro? Invaded Inca Empire
What is a mercosur? Economic market in 1995
Who are the Inca? People from Siberia to Alaska
What is quechua? Language of the Inca
What is the authoritatian rule? Against individual freedom
What is Dept-for nature swap? When government in exchange for the saving of a piece of forest.
What is a biodiversity? Wide range of plant and animal species
What is rain forest deforestation? Destroying of the forest
Education? Very little,many illiterate,
Jobs? Very little, hard work,
What is an oligarchy? Government by the few
What is land reform? Land given to the poor farmers
What is a junta? Government powerful by military
Problems for democracy? Colonization
Goals to reform Democracy? Establish government,Political and economic stability,Increase role for women in politics
MAP Colombia Venezuela Guyana Suriname French Ecuador Peru Brazil Bolivia Paraguay Chile Argentina Uruuay
Created by: ZahiraG
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