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S.S. Praxis Q's

Stack #82111

Social Studies QuestionsAnswers
The continental divide passes through which of the following states? North dakota, Kansas, Nevada, or Colorado In N. America, the continental divide is the line that identifies the point of the Rocky Mtns. at which the streams and the rivers flow either east or west. Among the choices given, Colorado is the only state ontersected by the continental divide.
What is the best description of the Piedmont region of the United States? A wide area of low rolling hills between the Appalachian Mtns. and the Altantic coaastal plains. The Piedmont is a region of the foothills of the Appalachians that stretches from New Jersey south to Alabama.
The Anasazi culture most stronly influenced what American Indian groups. The Anasazi cultural forms were inherited by the Hopi, Zuni, and Acoma cultures that arose a few centuries later.
What is a major reason the population of the English colonies in North America grew more rapidly than the population of the French colonies in North America? Unlike the French Crown, the English Crown allowed religious dissenters to leave the homeland for North America.
What was the most significant contribution of the Articles of Confederation government to the growth of the United States? Passing the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 establishing the procedure whereby territories become states.
The principal source of opposition to the ratification of the Constitution during the years 1787 - 1788 came from the fear of ratification would _______________. weaken the power of the United States.
What is the best description of Alexander Hamilton's economic plan? Assuming the debts of all the states and selling bonds to pay off the previous debts.
What is the best description of the Monroe Doctrine, promulgated by President Monroe in 1823? A document intended to end European colonization in theWestern Hempisphere
Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller, and Ralph Waldo Emerson were members of what? Transcendentalism
What is the best desription of a significant feature of the William or Lowell factory system? Young women from neighboring farms were hired to work in the textile mills to earn money until they were married.
Harriet Tubman made what contributions to the abolitionist movement. Acting as a "connductor" on the Underground Raillroad
What best describes a consequence of including the principle of popular sovereignty in the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854? It reopened the issue of slavery in the area closed to slavery north of the 36 degree 30' line of the Missouri Compromise.
What is a major obstacle that had to be overcome before the Panama Canal could be successfully completed? Doctors had to develop ways to combat malaria.
A historian studing what timeperiod would using a photograph of Wilson running for President as a primary source? Progressive Era
W.E.B. Debois 'The Souls of Black Folk (1903) contained what? a criticism of Booker T. Washington's approach to expanding the opportunities of African Americans
President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal attempted to combat the economic problems of the Great Depression primarily by ___________. providing funding for public-works projects.
What major challenge did President Johnson face in 1968 as he completed his full term as president? He struggled to make the federal budget support both the Vietnam War and the "War on Paverty".
What can be concluded about most early civilizations? They intended to form where irrigation would be unnecessary or easily accomplished.
The Vedas and the Upanishades are associated with what religious traditions? Hinduism
What contributed to the spread of Christianity in the fourth century B.C.E.? The support of the emperors Constantine and Theodosius
What was a central principle of fuedal societies in Europe? The granting of land in exchange for military service.
What was a major accomplishment of China's Tang dynasty (618 - 907 C.E). Reliance on a bureaucracy of merit.
Who postulated the theory of the heliocentric universe? Copernicus
What was a major effect of the Spanish conquest of Mesoamerica? The discrimination of native populations exposed to European diseases
The eighteenth-century invention of the steam engine had what effects in Europe? It provided a portable and relatively stable source of powerr, allowing factories to be located near urban centers.
"As every individual, therefore, .... neither intends to promote the public interest, nor knows how much he is promoting it, he intends only his gain, and he is in this, as in many other cases, led by an invisible hand.Who's major idea was this? Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations
What is not a characteristic of the interaction between China and Great Britian in the 1800's ? Great Britian colonized large areas pf southern and central china
What was a major consequence of the treaties that ended the First World War? The dismantling of empires in central, eastern, and southeastern Europe led to the creation of numerous unstable states.
During the 1930's, Italy, Germany,and Japan had what in common? Rejection of the League of Nations
A discusion of these three terms [Glasnost, Solidarity Movement, and Perestroika] would most likely focus on explaining what? collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of the Cold War
What has most accelerated the spread of a global popular culture? New communications technologies
In the United States, what set of policies is most likely to be supported by a political conservative and oppose by a political liberal? Greater restrictions on absolute freedom of speech, decreased government management of the economy.
Which of the following is true of a presidential system of government? There is typically more party discipline than in the parlimentary system or The executive serves a fixed term of office. The executive serves a fixed term of office.
All of the following are accurate desciptions of the Security Council of the United Nations EXCEPT: The Security Council has five permanent member-states,The Security Council is authorized to negotiate regional trade agreements among United Nations member The Security Council is authorized to negotiate regional trade agrrements among United Nations member states.
The United States Supreme Court decision in the case of Marbury v. Madison was significant because it established the ___________? power of the Supreme court to invalidate an act to Congress
The United States Constitution permits both the federal and state governments to borrow money. Which of the following types of power best describes this arrangement? Concurrent powers, Implied powers, Expressed powers, or Reserved powers Concurrent powers
The United States Senate and House of Representatives have passed a bill and forwarded it to the president. The president vetoed the bill. Congress is still in session. Under which circumstance will the bill become a law? The bill is returned to the Congress, and both houses pass the bill by a two-thirds majority.
The president of the United States is also the _______. vice president of the United States
What is the actual description of the role of interest groups in the United States political system? They utilize lobbyists to provide policymakers with information on bills and issues.
What is the best description of the Green Revolution? The development of new strains of grain and land-management strategies that have led to inceased food production
Which of the following best describes the movement of a concept, innovation, or discovery from its area of origin to new areas? Culture hearth, Cultural diffusion, Culture complex, or Cultural realm Culture hearth
According to a map, the distance between Nome and Barrow, Alaska is approximately how many miles? 450
Which of the following are the approximate coordinates (latitude and longitude) for Japan? 40 N, 140E; 40S, 140W; 140N, 40 E; 140 S, 40 W 40 degrees N, 140 degrees E
Which of the following is the best example of a functional region? the Rocky Mtns. physiographic province, The New York metropolitan statistical area (MSA), the ice-sheet climate, or Siberia The New York metropolitan statistical area (MSA)
Allof the folllowing contribute to desertification in a significant way, EXCEPT: cleariing the original vegetaion for cultivation, increased salinizatoin of the soil, heavy rains on exposed soil, or strip cropping and no-till farming stip cropping and no-till farming
Which of the following is a result of a difference in air pressure in adjacent zones? Percipitation, Temperature inversion, Drought, or Wind Wind
Which of the following climate types is found primarily in the low latitudes? Moist subtropical, wet equatorial, Mediterranean, or Boreal forest Wet equatorial
Many geographers have concluded that developing countries will continue to experience poopulation growth despite a declining birth rate for which of the following reasons? Increased urbanization, Mitigation from developed nations, or A young age profile A young age profile
Which of the folloowing sets of countries make up the region of the Andean West in South America? (a) Argentina, Paraguay, Uraguay; (b) Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru; (c) Columbia, Guyana, Venezuela Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru
The fundamental ecenomic problem stems from __________. scarce resources and unlimited wants
A market structure in which there is a single seller producing for which there are no clase substitues is known as ___________. monopoly
The unemployment rate is a measure of the percent of the _______________. labor force that is unemployed
What is an example of the expansionary fiscal policy? The government reduces taxes to increase aggregate demand
A fraction reserve banking system allows banks to ____________. create money and expand the money supply
IN one hour, a worker in Country X can produce either 5 shirts or 5 pair of socks, whereas a worker in Country Y can produce 3 shirts or 2 pairs of socks. What would be an absolute advantage and comparative advantage ? Country X has an absolute advantage in producing both shirts and socks and a comparative advantage in producing socks
If the international value of the United States dollar weakens in the foriegn-exchange markets, which of the following will occur? United States exports will increase; United States imports will increase; or The supply of the dollar will increase United States exports will increase
What is the best descroption of the fundamental purpose pf spcial institutions in most societies? To operationalize a society's norms and roles to meet the needs and goals of the group
According to demographic-transition theory, what would be a factor in declining birth rates? A reduced need for large numbers of children in urban, industrialized societies.
Max Weber (1864-1920) argued that individuals band together based on such factors as race, ethnicity, religion, occupation, and gender to form status groups
What is an example of cultural diffusion? The passage of gunpowder from China to Europe
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