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1920-1941 Vocab

AP US History, American Pageant Chapter 35 Vocabulary.

Nationalization Ownership of the major means of production by the national or federal government
Dreadnought A heavily armored battleship
Accomplice An associate or partner of a criminal who shares some degree of guilt.
Reparations Compensation by a defeated nation for damage done to civilians and their property during a war.
Pump-priming In Economics, the spending or lending of a small amount of funds in order to stimulate a larger flow of economic activity.
Dispossessed The economically deprived.
rubber-stamp to approve a plan or law quickly or routinely, without examination.
blank-check referring to permission to use an unlimited amount of money or authority.
foreign exchange transfer of credits or accounts between citizens or financial institutions of different nations.
pinko communist sympathizer.
fascist referring to a political system or philosophy that advocates a mass-based party dictatorship, extreme nationalism, racism, and the glorification of war.
collective bargaining Bargaining between an employer and his or her organized work force over hours, wages, and other conditions of employment.
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