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1920s Honors

1920's Honors US History

Louis Armstrong an improvisational, early jazz musician known mostly for his trumpeting skills.
Sacco and Vanzetti Italian Immigrants and anarchists Wwho were sentenced to death after being convicted of murder
Nativism A hatred for foreign-born people.
Isolationism Post WWI attitude that implied that Americans did not want to intervene in world affairs
the 18th Amendment Prohibited the sale/consumption of alcohol.
the 21st amendment repealed prohibition
Marcus Garvey African American leader who wanted blacks and whites to be separate- he even wanted the Blacks to go back to Africa. Formed the Universal Negro Improvement Association to promote black pride and unity.
The Scopes Monkey Trial A supreme court case where a teacher was sentenced for teaching evolution in school
"The Jazz Singer" The first "talking" motion picture with sound.
The Harlem Renaissance QThe Flowering of African American arts in the 1920s (in NYC)
Emergency Quota Act set limitations on the number of immigrants who could enter the US based on what country they were from.
What was the NAACP's (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) great success in 1930? They got a law passed that was an anti-lynching (hanging of black people in trees)
Why was the Universal Negro Improvement Association formed? to promote black pride and unity
The first commercial radio broadcast in history was from KDKA in pittsburgh. What was the broadcast? news of Warren G. Harding's victory in the presidential election
How was the FBI formed? It was a branch developed under General Mitchell A. Palmer who was investigating potential communists in America. He appointed J. Edgar Hoover to be the head of the FBI
What was the "new morality" an attitude in the 1920s that glorified personal freedom
What did the 21st amendment do? It repealed prohibition
What did Ernest Hemingway write about? the meaningless violence of war
What was the Volstead Act designed to do? enforce Prohibition
Who was William Jennings Bryan? The prosecutor in the Scopes Trial
Who was Oscar DePriest First African American representative elected to Congress from a northern state
Who was Duke Ellington? composer, pianist, and bandleader
Who was Al Capone Gangster who made his money from bootlegging. He was convicted on Tax Evasion
Who was Charles Lindbergh? 1st pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic
Who was Billy sunday? former baseball player who turned into a an evangelical fundamentalist preacher
Who was Margaret Mead? one of the 1st women anthropologists
Who was Bessie Smith? singer who symbolized SOUL music
Who was the "Sultan of Swat"? Babe Ruth. Hit 60 homeruns in a time before steroids.
John T. Scopes the name of the teacher who taught Evolution in an area where that was illegal.
Charles Darrow the defense attorney for John T. Scopes
William Jennings Bryan the prosecuting attorney in the Scopes Monkey Trial
What did the NAACP try to pass in 1922? anti-lynching legislation
Who campaigned on "a return to normalcy"? Warren G. Harding. He wanted things to be like they were before WW1
What 1920s President said that the "business of america was business" Calvin Coolidge
Henry Ford perfected the assembly line. How did he do this? He divided the jobs into simple tasks. Each person could perfect their job.
What was the greatest political triumph of the NAACP occured in 1930? the defeat of a racist judge nominated for the Supreme Court.
What was the first announcement made on Public Radio? that Warren G. Harding had won the 1920 election.
What was the Teapot Dome scandal? Albert B. Fall- the secretary of the Interior under Warren G. Harding, illegally allowed oil investors to drill on government land in exchange for kickbacks (money/bribeS)
Why didn't aviation "boom" as much as automobiles? People were afraid of them. They were still a new novelty.
What was the American attitude after ww1? isolationist and nativist.
the Dawes Plan Was an idea to lend money to Germany to pay back reparations to England/France. The tresult was that Europe grew deeper into debt.
Who was Langston Hughes? an African American writer.
Who was Margaret Mead One of the first Women Anthropologists.
Creationism God created the world as described in the Bible
Bootlegging the illegal production and distribution of liquor
human beings developed from lower forms of life evolution
eugenics warned against breeding the "unfit" or "inferior"
flappers bobbed their hair an drank prohibited liquor
kellogg-brian pact attempted to outlaw war (was not able to be enforced)
moratorium to stop or pause doing something
Albert B. Fall 1st cabinet member to go to prison (part of Teapot Dome Scandal)
Robert La Follette Progressive Party nominee in 1924 for President.
Who said "Four-Fifths of all our troubles in this life would disappear if we would only sit down and keep still"? Calvin Coolidge
Created by: bnet02
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