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Sp. Fr. E con. Amer.

For a test

Causes of the exploration 1. Europeans want more goods from Asia 2. Muslims gain control of trade between Europe and Asia 3. Rulers of European nations seek ways to increase their wealth 4. European nations look for a sea route to Asia 5. Columbus reaches the America
Effect of the exploration 1. Spain builds an empire in the America 2. English, French, and Dutch set up colonies in North America 3. Millions of N.A. die from "European" diseasesSlaves traders bring enslaved Africians to the Americas 5. Americas food are introduced into Europe
How did the ecomic factors of speed up the exploration charter?
How did the Spanish easily connor the Native Amercians? They had advanced equiment such as steal armor and guns. Frighten them with horses. Aztecs thought they werer gods. They all died from dieaseas.
How did the Spanish govern New Spain? The Spanish King made the Laws of the Indies, code of laws of the organization of the colonies. Pueblos- towns, centers of farming and trade. Presidios- forts where soliders lived. Missions- religious settlements by Catholic priests and friars
conquistador Spanish word for conqueror
Goverment of New France French king controlled of the lands and laws. The king appointed the laws for the new.The coureaur de bois were not subject to French rule.
Why did Bartolome de Casa fail? He asked the king to treat the Indians more fairly but instead he replaced them with Africian slaves
How did the James colony suceed? They lived a swampy area so it was difficult to grow crops. They traded for corn but sometimes the Indians disagreed on it so he forced them to. They made tobacco and England was selling more than 30,000 lbs (13,500kg) of tobacoo a year.
What is the Mayflower Compact? agreement for ruling the Plymouth Colony, signed by Pilgrims before they landed at Plymouth
Describe New Netherland Some called it New Amsterdam. They traded beaver skn. They started Santa Claus.
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