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History 1st semester

election where citizens vote to select nominees for the upcoming election. eventually leads to the 17th amendment-direct election of senators direct primary
allows the citizens to approve or reject a law passed by legislation referendum
citizens can put a proposed new law directly on the ballot in the next election, by collecting voters signature on petition initative
permits voters to remove public officals from office before next election, by holding a new election recall
direct election of senators 17th amendment
city governtments proposed by the progressives commission plan, council manager system
city divided into departments,each one under an expert commissioners control
you must take a test to show you are qualified for a government job civil service
NAACP National Association fot the Advancement of Colored People
founded settlement houses and social work Jane Adams
people who used some type of media to make the general public aware of these problems(overcrowding,disese, lack of proper housing,fire hazard, crime)were not involved in these issues but to expose them muckrakers
strengthened Sherman Anti-trust act, stated that unions and agricultural organizations were no longer subject to the Sherman Anti-trust act therefore declared unions legal Clayton Anti-trust act
settlement negotiated by a 3rd outside party arbitration
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