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Stems 5-8 G

Stems 1-8 Mrs. Gills class 7th grade

Homo same
Neo new
Paleo old
Syn/Sys with/together
Bene good
Fer carry
Flex/Flect bend
Ject throw
Pend hang
Rupt break
Sol sun
Stella star
Voc call
Ante before
In/Im in
Post after
Dyn power
Sur over
Agog leader
Alter change
Cracy rule
Hyper more
Morph shape
Polis city
Theo god
Cede go
Clud close
Greg flock/group
Nomen/Nym name
Nov new
Prim/Prime first
Sent/Sens feel
Solv/Solute free/loosen
Trac/Tract pull/drag
Vol will
Volu/Volut/Volv roll
Hab customary
Jur swear
Created by: Robster123