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conflict in the middle east

ship that carried Jewish settlers to palestine exodus
israeli prime minister assassinated in 1995 yitzhark rabin
discrimination against jews antisemitism
israel's neighbor to the west mediterranean sea
group that wanted a palestinian state plo
gained independence in 1932 iraq
israeli prime minister who met with sadat golda meir
major natural resource in the middle east oil
plo leader yasir arafat
country invaded by iraq in 1990 kuwait
israel's neighbor to the east jordan
jews ancient home palestine
new york site of terrorist attack world trade center
dc site of terrorist attack pentagon
country retreat in maryland camp david
1967 war to prevent an invasion of israel six day war
arab population of palestine in 1947 two thirds
movement to establish a jewish homeland zionism
country where 237 us marines died in 1983 lebanon
us president in late 1970s jimmy carter
country that controlled palestine after ww1 england/britain
formed republic of turkey ataturk
iran's monarch deposed in 1979 shahpahlevi
uprising intifada
punishment for thievery in saudi arabia hands cut off
established may 14, 1948 israel
use of violence for political goals terrorism
people whoo flee their homes for safety refugees
egyptian president who traveled to israel in 1977 anwar sadat
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