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Stem list 1-4 G's

Mrs.Gills stems lists 1-4 7th Grade

Multi many
Sub under
Ambi both
Ex out
Fore front
Sym/Syn/sys together
Ultra beyond
Auto self
Bio life
Ethno race/culture
Anti against
Eu good/pleasing
Macro large
Micro small
Peri around
Pseudo false
Epi on
Demos people
Eco house/habitat
Gen birth/origin
Graph write
Phon/Phone sound
Photo light
Tele far
Therm/Thermo heat
Cycle circle
Arch/Archy rule/government
Lumen/luc/Lum light
Magna large/great
Miss/Mitt send
Logy study
Mono one
Phyt plant
Poly many
Proto first
Scope look
Zo/Zoa animal
Cide kill
Corp/Corpus body
Cred believe
Mov/mot/Mobil move
Reg rule/king
Scrib write
Tend/Tens/Tenu stretch
Video/Vis see/look
Viv/Vict live
Duct lead
Tempo time
Intra/Intro into
Super over
Frater/Frat brother
Liber free
Mater/Matri mother
Mut change
Omni all
Pater/Patri father
Ver true
Mar/Mari sea
Dorm sleep
Con/Com with/together
Ad to
De down
Mal bad
Bin two
Cata down
under below
Astro star
Chrono time
Helio sun
Hetero different
Created by: Robster123
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