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Quiz #8 Words

QuestionAnswerCauses and Effects
American Revolution - (1775-1789) - America's war for independence - British wanted the Americans to pay their share of imperial expenses - British refused to compromise thus losing the support of many colonists - France supports America even though they're not doing so well at home - Bankrupts France
Stamp Act - 1765 - Tax Britain put into place to help with revenue from French and Indian War - Caused Revolution - Allowed France to get revenge on England
Constitutional Convention - The first years of the Convention were the height of the importance of the revolutionary political clubs such as the Jacobins and Cordeliers
French Revolution - (1789-1791) - Many French soldiers, such as Lafayette, served in America and were impressed by the ideals of the Revolution - American Revolution influenced the French Revolution, but the latter was more violent and more influential - abolished the absolute monar
Bill of Rights - Set of 10 amendments
Estates General - Becomes National Assembly - the representative body of the three estates - French King was no longer in charged
National Assembly - 1789 to 1791 - abolished -class distinctions -tax exemptions of the privileged -payments of feudal dues by the peasants - would pass nation's law - members had to be property landowners elected by tax paying citizens
Estates The first estate, the clergy, had many privileges and much wealth, and it levied an oppressive tax (the tithe) on landowners. The second estate, the nobility, also had great privileges. wealth, and power, and it taxed the peasantry for its own profit. The third estate, the commoners, was a mixture of a few rich members of the middle class, urban workers, and the mass of peasants.
Declaration of Rights of Man - 1791 - men are born free and equal with rights to liberty and property and resistance to oppression - citizens avoin - guaranteed equality before the law - think it out for yourself - map out human knowledge and have access to it
Maximilien Robspierre - Head of Committee of Public Safety - Leads France through Reign of Terror Fear of the Reign of Terror led to the execution of its leader, Robespierre.
King Louis XVI - (1754 - 1793) - Last king of France - Husband to Marie Antoinette - People became angry
Committee of Public Safety - (1793 – 1794) - The Committee of Public Safety was the executive body of France - Was created to govern France
The Girondists - Group contesting control of the National Convention
The Mountain - Group contesting control of the National Convention in France led by Robespierre and Georges Jaques Danton
Reign of Terror - 1794 - instituted by Committee of Public Safety (headed by Robespierre) - sentenced thousands of people to jail or death - arrested persons suspected of treason - Was after the Revolution
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