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US history sem. 1

semester 1 us history review

What year was the 1st English colony established & what was the name of this colony? 1607/Jamestown, Virginia
Describe the Magna Carta. It limited the power of the King, and created Parliament.
What was the Great Awakening & what impact did it have on the colonies? It was an event in which the colonists thought they lost their religious faith. It spread the idea that all people were created equal in the eyes of God.
Who were the Sons of Liberty? A group of patriot protesters that would stop at nothing to become a free country.
What were the provisions of the Treaty of Paris? America would become an independent nation, the British had to give up land claims, and the Americans, in return, had to give back all rights and property taken from the loyalists during the Revolution.
What was the difference between the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 and the Land Ordinance of 1785? Northwest Ordinance divided land into smaller territories, each governed by territorial officer. 5,000=people elect own legislature. 60,000=could apply to become state. Land Ordinance divided land into 6-mile squares, then divided in to 36 sections.
Why is Shay's Rebellion an important U.S. History event? It led Congress to rewrite the Articles of Confederation.
What was the Virginia Plan? It called for a bicameral legislature, in which the # of reps. in each house would depend on population of the sate.
What was the New Jersey Plan? It called for unicameral legislature, in which every state received one vote.
What was the same about the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan? Both plans called for a strong national government with 3 branches.
What was the Great Compromise? Provided for a bicameral Congress. A House of Reps- each state is represented according to population. Senate- each state has 2 senators. Both houses must pass evey law.
Created by: miloic