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Chapter 5

identify the centuries when the decline of feudalism took place 12th century- the 15th century
Identify 3 major causes of feudalism's decline The signing of the Magna Carta, the Black Death, and the 100 years war
Plauge syptoms fever, vomiting, fierce coughing, sneezing fits, swellings/bumps called buboes
List FALSE causes on which the plauge was blamed positions of planets, lepers, and Jews
How many people in Europe died of the plauge (fraction) 1 - 3
How did the plauge effect the treatment of common workers The common workers could demand more $ because there were not as many people because people were dying with the plauge.
How were fuedal manors weakened during the plague The peseants in manors left their manor to seek better job opportunities
list effects of the plauge Peasants working for higher pay weakened fuedal lords trade and commerce started to slow down society was going to have to rebuild, but not the same fuedalism
how plauge got to Europe by the trade rout/ the silk road
Why did the 100 yeas war start? Because English lords had French land. French wanted it back so it waged war on the English
why did french start to try harder in late stages of 100 years war because Joan of Arc encouraged them.
Name groups of people in Model parliament commoners, low ranking clergy,and high level church officials and nobles
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