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Gym vocabulary infomation

Active Aerobics Continuous, vigorous activities that get the heart beating fast enough to build cardivascular fitness.
Anaerobic " Without Oxegyn" in this book it refers to activities for which the body can't supply enough oxegyn to keep going for long periods of time.
Body Image A persons feelings about his or herself, a good body requires positive feelings about ones body including feelings about the way one looks.
Resting Heart Rate The number of times the heart beats per minute during rest,to determine this number take your heart rate when you first get up in the morning.
Self-esteem A persons feelings about him or herself, to have a good body imaage you need to have high
Target Zones A phrase used to describe the intensity of an activity that is nessasary to promote a benifit such as fitness improvement. Each type of activity has it's onwn ( vocab word.)
Center of Gravity The center of your body weight.
Stability The ability to maintain balence.
Games Activities that have simple rules and often a winner or a loser, but that may or may not require large muscles. Capture the flag is an active one, while computer ones are inactive.
Recreation Activities done in your free time, they may be relatively active or inactive.
Spectator Sports Sports ( such as football) that people watch rather than play regulary
Sports Physical Activities that have rules, and winners or losers \that involve competition. (i.e football, tennis,baseball.)
Strategy A comprehensive to do ones best in a game or sport, this often in- volves combining several tactics.
Tactics Decisions to use one's skills to the best advantages in a sport.( i.e Moving to an open spot to receive a pass.)
Acceleration An increase in speed of movement.
Deceleration A reduction in speed.
Velocity The speed of movement
Created by: glitterchild5599
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