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Wiker SS Ch. 3

Vocabulary from Ch. 3 - Time of Exploration

the money left over after all expenses have been paid profit
the method of planning and controlling the course of a ship navigation
a person who makes maps cartographer
an instrument formerly used to calculate one’s position compared to the sun, moon, and stars astrolabe
a ship that used square or triangular sails to travel long distances swiftly caravel
a long journey expedition
a meeting encounter
the conquered lands of many people and places governed by one rule empire
a king or queen monarch
a time marked by advances in thought, learning, art, and science during the 15th and 16th centuries. In French, this word means “rebirth” Renaissance
an instrument used to find direction compass
a city and the surrounding area that stands as an independent state city-state
to declare that a person or country owns something claim
a narrow strip of land that connects two larger land areas isthmus
a line that makes a boundary demarcation
an agreement between nations about peace, trade, or other matters treaty
a sum of money or other payment given for a particular purpose grant
any of the Spanish conquerors in the Americas during the early 1500s conquistador
leaving one’s duties, such as military service, without permission desertion
a waterway in North America thought to connect the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean Northwest Passage
the wide mouth of a river where ocean tides flow in estuary
the fast moving, dangerous place in a river caused by the sudden drop in elevation rapid
a business company
rebellion against the leader of one’s group mutiny
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