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Which American document was based on the ideas of John Locke? The Declaration of Independance
Holocaust Planned extermination of Jews in Nazi death camps
What occurred on D-Day? the allied invasion of France
Which group formed the National Assembly during the French Revolution? Third Estate
What was Napoleon able to accomplish during peacetime? He was able to establish a fair tax code and system of laws
Included in the Triple Entente France, Great Britian, United States
What was a contribution of Henry Ford? created the assembly line
Which was a reason for the Reformation? European merchants did not agree with the high taxes to the Church in rome
Appeasement The policy of cooperation with an aggressor to preserve peace
Hitler's plan to quickly attack. Known as "lightening war" blitzkrieg
The age of Imperialism was due to manufacturers' need for Natural Resources
British Rule in India Included construction of a telegraph and railroad systems
Important principle of Roman Law Stated that all people were innocent until proven guilty
Example of military alliances include NATO and the Warsaw Pact
Baron de Montesqeieu Believed in a separate of powers between the executive, legislative and judicial branches
Cause of WWII Aggressive actions by Germany, Japan and Italy
The economic system of feudalism The manor system
A period of worldwide economic downturn between the world wars the Great Depression
Goal of the Congress of Vienna to restore the monarchies to European countries
Areas claimed for exlusive trading or investing rights are known as Sphere of Influence
Totalitarian governments Control all aspects of it's people's lives
Republic power is in the hands of the people elected by the citizens
Magna Carta guarantees basic legal rights
Mansa Musa Mali's first great leader
Result of WWII the atmoic age began and many civilians and soldiers died
Justinian devloped an extensive code of laws
1945-1990 time period of the Cold War
Humanism studied the potential and achievements of humans
Reparations payments made by a "guilty" group for damages
The government owns the means of production in a communist economic system
Perestroika economic plan to rebuild the Soviet economy
Nationalism Loyalty to a country
Bosnian Muslims Endured a policy of ethnic cleansing
Ho Chi Min communist leader in vietnam
Colonialism Form of imperialim practiced by Britian in India
Reunifaction of Germany Announced the end of the Cold War
Spread of Islam throughout Africa resulted from conquest and trade
Bolsheviks a radical group in Russia led by Vladimir Lenin
Points on the triangular trade route Africa, Asia & Europe
Nazism German form of Fascism
League of Nations a peacekeeping organization created by President Wilson
Stamp Act British tax on printed materials
Suez Canal provided a shortcut from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean
Industrialization increased the production of goods
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