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Cody 7th Gr. SS

Western Europe - Chapter 10 Test - Benelux

What does Benelux mean? Comes from the first letters of 3 countries.
Which 3 countries make up the Benelux Countries? Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg
What type of governments do the Benelux countries have? Parliamentary Democracies
What is the hilly, forested region in the interior of Belgium called? Ardennes
How big is Belgium? Size of Maryland
What is Belgium famous for? Belgian Lace, Belgian Chocolate and Belgian Diamond Cutting
What is the major religion of Belgium? Catholic
What are the two main languages of Belgium? Flemish and French
What are the 2 main cultural groups of Belgium? Flemings and Walloons
Which group speaks which language in Belgium? Flemings - live in the north and speak Flemish. Walloons - live in the south and speak French.
What is the capital and largest city of Belgium? Brussels
How would you describe the population of the Netherlands? One of the most densely populated city in the world.
People often call the Netherlands by what other name? Holland
What does the name "Netherlands" mean? Lowlands
What is unique about the elevation of the Netherlands? It lies below sea level. They have to build sand dunes and dams to keep the sea out.
What do you call the drained lands of the Netherlands? polders - they have rich farming soil.
The Dutch economy is especially noted for what type of flower? Tulips
What is the capital of the Netherlands? Amsterdam
Who is the most famous person from the Netherlands? Anne Frank - she wrote in a diary during WWII
What language do they speak in the Netherlands? Dutch
How big is Luxembourg? Smaller than Rhode Island
What is the capital and largest city of Luxembourg? Luxembourg
People here are ____ because multinational companies and businesses have their headquarters here. Multilingual
Created by: cunninev