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Cody 7th gr. SS test

Western Europe - Chapter 10 - Germany

How would you describe the size of Germany? About the size of Montana
What is the famous part of Germany that is known for its scenery and wood products? It lies north of the Alps. Black Forest
Is the Black Forest really black? No, the trees just grow so close together, that it appears black.
In recent years, the Black Forest has suffered damage from what? acid rain
Which river is one of Europe's most important waterways? It winds across southern Germany? Danube River
How would you describe the climate of Germany? Mild winters and cool summers
Which area of Germany ranks as one of the world's most industrial centers? Ruhr
Why is Ruhr an industrial center? It is developed around rich deposits of coal and iron ore.
What do the factories of Germany produce? High-quality steel.
Germany is a leading producer of what? Beer, wine and cheese.
What do you call the super highways that link the German cities? Autobahns
What two religions evenly make up Germany? Catholic and Protestant
About how many people are in Germany? 82 million
Who are two of the famous musicians of Germany? Bach and Beethoven
Bach and Beethoven are known for what type of music? Classical Music
Which major city of Germany is known for its concert halls and theaters? Munich
Which German priest tried to reform some of the practices of the Catholic Church? Martin Luther
Martin Luther began a new form of Christianity called what? Protestantism
Which German leader united the territories of Germany into a single nation called Germany? Otto Von Bismark
In 1933, which dictator gained control of Germany? Adolf Hitler
What was the name of Adolf Hitler's governing party? Nazi Party
Who started World War II Adolf Hitler... He invaded neighboring countries
What is the name of the murder of more than 6 million people of Germany by Adolf Hitler? Holocaust
What was the religion of the people that Adolf Hitler murdered? Jewish
What caused the end of WWII? The Allies (US, UK and Soviet Union) defeated the Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan)
What happened to Germany after WWII? It was slit into East Germany and West Germany.
Which Germany became a democracy with close ties to the US? West Germany
Which Germany became a communist state with close ties to the Soviet Union? East Germany
In 1990, Germany was reunited as one country. What physical structure was torn down? The Berlin Wall
Why did the two countries (East and West Germany) reunite? East Germany's government fell due to protests of the people who were tired of living in poverty.
Germany's government is now what kind of government? Federal Republic
What is a Federal Republic? The national and state governments share powers.
Who leads Germany? An elected president, but he only carries out ceremonial duties.
What is the real head of government in Germany? Chancellor
What city is now the capital of Germany? Berlin
What vocabulary word means to bring the 2 parts together under one government? Reunification
Since East and West Germany were so different, the government had poured billions of dollars on what to make them more equal? Training, educaiton and modernization
Created by: cunninev