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Cody SS 7th Grade SS

Western Europe - Chapter 10 - France

What is the largest country in Western Europe? France
France is slightly smaller than what state? Texas
What landform divides France from Italy and Switzerland? The Alps
What plagued the European Continent in the first half of the 1900's? War
What connects the different regions of France? Navigable rivers
What is a navigable river? A river that is wide and deep enough to allow passage of ships
What are the important rivers of France? Seine, Loire, Rhone, Garonne and the Rhine
Which river flows through Paris, France? Seine River
Describe the climate of France? Cool summers, mild winters...plenty of rain
Who is the largest food producer of the world? United States.
France is the _____ largest food producer of the world? 2nd.
France is the _______ largest food producer in Europe? 1st
What makes up the economy of France? Agriculture and Manufacturing
What are some of the things that France grows? Grapes and olives.
What types of farms are a common site in France? Vineyards
What are the natural resources of France? Bauxite, Iron Ore and Coal
What does 80% of France's energy come from? Nuclear Power Plants
France has an international reputation in what? Fashion
What is a major industry of France? Tourism
How did France get its name? A group of people called the Franks moved in from Central Europe in the 400's.
Who was the Frankish ruler who created an empire that stretched across Western Europe? Charlemagne
Kings ruled France for about how many years? 800 years
What was King Louis XIV also known as? The Sun King
Where did King Louis XIV build his palace? Versailles
Who seized power of France in 1799? Napolean Bonaparte
What is the government of France known as? The Fifth Republic
Who runs the nation of France? A president. He is elected for a 7 year term.
The president appoints who to run the day to day affairs of the country of France? Prime Minister
France's Legislature has how many parts and what are they? 2 - Senate and National Assembly
What is the largest city and capital of France? Paris
What is the transportation in Paris? TGVS (Trains a Grande Vitesse) - Trains of Great Speed.
How fast can the TGVS go? 168 mph
What is the nickname for Paris? City of Lights
What are some of the popular cultural sites to see in Paris? Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre (art museum)
Created by: cunninev
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