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Goverment 2

Test for 1/11/12

When was RI/Providence founded? 1636
When did Roger Williams flee Boston? 1636
What was he teaching that got him in trouble? He disagreed with the government said it was and was warned to be quiet, their was a plan to arrest him and shipped back to England, he was being hunted like a wild beast and he had to flee in winter of 1635, even though his family and he were not well.
When was the Stamp Act and Why? it was in 1765, to direct revenue tax. A stamp on legal paper goods like diplomas and certificates, the colonists didn't like that.
"Forced religion stinks in gd's notsrils." What does this mean? Forcing religion upon someone is wrong, and gd believe that you should worth ship as you want.
Why was the gov unhappy with Roger Williams? Supposdly, the gov said he was spreading lies about how you shouldn't have to go to church every week, and how the people who had gone through a terrible time to get from England to the colonies were wrong.
When was Roger Williams Patent? Got from? 1644 From parliment
What did it say? RI has permission to stay 'real'.
What did it not say? Borders and doesn't mention religion
Why is this good? (religion) Doesn't mention that we can't have religious freedom.
What was John Clarks Patent? Gives boundries, the lively experiment(relgious freedom) This is good because eventually the rest of the country will follow.
Created by: Studyingcards
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