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Cody 7th Gr. SS - te

Western Europe - Chapter 10 - Republic of Ireland

What is the official name of Ireland? Republic of Ireland
What bodies of water surrounds Ireland? Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea
What is the nickname for the Republic of Ireland? Emerald Isle
Why does the Republic of Ireland have a nickname? It is covered with lush green meadows and lots of trees
What do you call the wet ground with decayign plants in Ireland? Peat
What do the people of Ireland do with Peat? They dry it and use it for fuel.
What do you call the low swampy lands were you can find peat? Bogs
Why is Ireland warm and green all year round? It is so close to the sea. The warm moist winds blow over the North Atlantic Current. There is also frequent rain and mist.
What was the main crop of Ireland in the 1800's? Potatoes.
What happened to the Potatoes that they farmed in Ireland? Irish Potato Famine
What cause the Irish Potato Famine? Too much rain caused disease to spread among the plants. The potatoes rotted in the fields.
What happened to the people of Ireland from the Irish Potato Famine? Millions died because of starvation and millions moved to other countries.
What contributes more to Ireland's economy than farming? Manufacturing. Foreign countries came to set up operations there.
Ireland joined what organization to help market its products more widely? European Union
A big part of the Irish industry is in what area? Certain beverages
What are the official languages of the Irish? English and Irish Gaelic
Most Irish people trace their ancestry to what people? Celts. They settled Ireland around 500 BC.
Ireland's history is marked with what? Political conflict
From 1100-1900 who governed Ireland? English officials
What religion was Ireland when they demanded Independence from Britian? Catholic
The British government encouraged people with what religion to move to Ireland? Protestant
When did the southern part of Ireland win their independence? 1922
Southern Ireland is now known as what in 1949? Republic of Ireland
The Catholics of Northern Ireland wanted to be a part of the Republic of Ireland, so violence was present in Ireland throughout what decades. 1960's to 1990's.
How many people dies in the Northern Ireland Conflicts? 1000's
In 1998, the Northern Ireland conflicts were settled. Northern Ireland would be governed by what? An Assembly
Who makes up the Assembly of Northern Ireland? Protestants and Catholics
What percent of the Irish live in the cities and towns? 58%
What is the largest city and capital of Ireland? Dublin
Life in Ireland centers around what organization? Neighborhood Church
What is one long-held tradition in Ireland? Irish Step Dancing
More than 90% of the people in Ireland practice which religion? Catholic
The people of Ireland are fascinated with what sport? Horse Racing
Created by: cunninev
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