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Cody 7th Grade SS

Western Europe Test - Chapter 10 - United Kingdom

What 4 regions make up the United Kingdom? England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
How many islands make up the United Kingdom? 2
What island of the United Kingdom includes England, Wales and Scotland? Great Britain
Which region of the United Kingdom is its own island? Northern Ireland
What do you call the treeless, windy and damp highland areas of the United Kingdom Moors
What do you call the narrow bays that cut into Scotland's highland coast and reaches far inland? Lochs
Why does it rain more than half the days of the year in the United Kingdom? Ocean Winds
In the 1800's, scientists and inventors in the United Kingdom sparked what movement? Industrial Revolution.
What was the Industrial Revolution? It was a time when fuel powered machines began producing more goods in far less time.
In the 1800's what country was the world's economic leader? United Kingdom
What is the currency of the United Kingdom? British Pound
What is the major financial center of the United Kingdom? London
What do they export most from the United Kingdom? manufactured goods and machinery (ships, textiles and automobiles)
What is the United Kingdom rich in? Energy resources such as oil, natural gas and coal.
What are the main crops of the United Kingdom? Wheat, barley and potatoes
What fraction of the food in the UK is imported and why? 1/3 because of the cool climate and small farming areas.
What kind of government is in the UK? Parlimentary Democracy
What are the names of the 2 houses of the Parlimentary Government? House of Commons and House of Lords
Which House of the Parliment make the laws in the UK? House of Commons
How do you become a member of the House of Lords in the UK? Inherit the title
What is the name of the Parlimenary government leader of the UK? Prime Minister
What is another form of government of the United Kingdom? Constitutional Monarchy
Who is the official head of state of the Constitutional Monarchy? King or Queen
Who represents the UK at public events, but has little power? King or Queen
What do you call the transfer of certain powers from the central government of the UK to regional governments? Devolution
Which regions of the UK now have regional governments due to devolution? Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
What was the purpose of devolution? Preserve culture and give regions more power over their own affairs.
How many people live in the UK? 59 million people
What is the language of the UK? English
What 2 older languages do you hear in the UK? Welsh and Scottish Gaelic
The people of the UK are decendents of what people? Celts
What is the public transportation of the UK? Colorful double decker buses and the subway system called the TUBE
What will you find in the center of London? Westminster Abbey
Where do the king and queens of the UK get crowned? Westminster Abbey
What is the largest and most populated city in the UK? London
What famous people are from the UK? Beatles, Led Zepplen, William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens
Created by: cunninev
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