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The Rome test

in addition to thir own developments the romans borrowed many ideas from the greeks
how were roman sculptures differnt from the greek sculptures more realistic
roman architsects used the greek ideas of porches and rows of columns but they added thir own features known as the and the . arches domes
a or curved ceiling was formed by rows of arches built anainst another. vault
the romans were the first to event and use which is a mixture of volcanic ash lime and water. when dried this substances is as hard as rock concrete
the was built in ad 80 it is a huge arena that could seat about 60,000 people colosseum
the is a temple that was built to honor romes gods its domed roof was the largest of its time pantheon
rome had a common currency and system of weights and measures .true or fales true
roman emperors worship gods true
outher riligion were allowed in rome as long as they dident treaten the goverment true
who were the roman citizen patrician plebian men
what were the rights and the resposibilites of roman citzens vote,pay taxes,sevre in army
what was forbidden to happen bewteen patrician and plebian marriage
only could serve in govt office at first patricians
the top officials in rome govt were two of them were chosen each year consuls
the jobs of the consuls inclued and army govt
each consul had the right to or reject each outher decitions veto
the main job was to interpert the law and act as juges in court cases praetors
the job was to make sure that plepians concerns were brought goverment attition tribunes
the blank was a collection of laws that started principles of justice that applied to all people [citizens nocitizen]everyone law of nations
blank were a significant achievement that allowed the empire to be unifild both for trade and prottecion roads
blank designed to supply fresh water to cites are another example of engineering marvles from the romans aqueducts
a time of peace prosperity and expainsion pax roman
romes location in the mediterranean pronoted blank and interactionc with outher lands and the eventual coquest of those lands trade
the blank mountains provied security and protection from north alps
italy is a blank which limets the ability of opposing land force to operate peninsula
rome and carthage fought in the punic wars over the island of sicily because it had a prime location for trade
the roman empire reached its greatest extent under blank during pax romana trade
blank was most responsible for moving rome away from a repuplic and toward a dictatorship julius caesar
what did emperor agustus do to keep the empire strong and safe built a perment professional army
the first triumvirate was responsible for senate and patrician class
what did emperor agustus do to keep the empire strong and safe built a perment professional army
the first triumvirate was responsible for weekend the blank and the blank senate patrician
the decline of rome was gradual and took place over centries
caesar was popular with the plebieans beceuse he gave land to poor
blank was the first emperor of rome octavian augustus
what did augustus mean by i found rome a city of brick and left a city of marble he rebuilt rome with splendid public builings
augustus appointed a blank or govenor to rule each of romes provinces proconsul
agustus worked to reform the rome blank and blank systems tax and legal
blank was most important part of the roman economy agriculture
the economid cost of maintaining an empire true or false true
the divitions of rome into eastern and western empires had little impact on rome true or false false
another cause for the decline of rome was invasion from outside groups such as vandals angles saxons huns and visigoths true or false true
in anicent rome a person was consierd guilty untill proven innocent true or false false
people accused of crimes could defend themselves before a judge true or false true
a judge was not required to look at evidence carefully before making a decision true or false false
caesar created work for romes jobless people true or false true
agustus was assassinated by mebers of the senate in 44 bc true or false false
caesar was a member of the secound triumvirate true or false false
rome had a common currency or system of weights and measures true or false true
roman emperors were worship as gods true or false true
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